Yamini Kinjra

Looking for Part-Time Roles and Internships in the Luxury and Fashion Industry

With a keen eye for fashion and exceptional adaptability, I thrive in dynamic retail settings. My internships at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week and the Natural Diamond Council refined my customer service and brand management skills, making me an ideal candidate for temporary retail roles.

Previous Brands
Fashion Scout
Natural Diamond Council
Rebel Foods
Work Experience
London Fashion Week Internship
Feb ‘24 - Feb ‘24
Fashion Scout

Brands worked on: AFMN, Chiyue and Ju-nna Organized runway seating and backstage setup, showcasing attention to detail. Effectively communicated with a diverse team, demonstrating strong interpersonal skills. Assisted stylists with model assignments and fittings, highlighting teamwork. Implemented efficient strategies for quick costume changes, showcasing adaptability. Assisted VIP attendees, demonstrating a customer-centric approach.

Brand Partnerships Internship
Jan ‘23 - Jul ‘23
Natural Diamond Council

Collaborated closely with stylists and retailers, fostering teamwork and mutual understanding. Acquired and curated pieces for trend reports with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring quality and relevance. Edited and published content, emphasizing precision and commitment to excellence. Supported editorial and creative teams, showcasing adaptability and flexibility in task execution. Sourced compelling images and quotes, enriching content and enhancing brand narrative with resourcefulness.

Influencer Marketing Internship
Nov ‘21 - Mar ‘22
Rebel Foods

Brands worked on: Behrouz Biryani, Oven Story and Mandarin Oak. Managed influencer campaigns, effectively communicating campaign objectives and ensuring alignment with influencers. Handled social media copywriting, crafting engaging content that resonated with target audiences and showcased writing skills. Collaborated on campaigns, contributing ideas and strategies to achieve campaign objectives through teamwork. Executed activations for multiple brands, adapting to different brand requirements and delivering successful outcomes. Ensured seamless communication with influencers, building strong relationships and demonstrating interpersonal skills in managing partnerships.

Data Science Executive
Mar ‘21 - Oct ‘21

Developed comprehensive content roadmaps, aligning strategic initiatives with business objectives. Managed and nurtured relationships with global clients, fostering collaboration and trust. Conducted extensive research and content creation, utilizing analytical skills to drive informed decision-making. Established a robust help and support ecosystem, addressing client needs and enhancing user experience. Contributed to the development of Dentsu Marketing Cloud, demonstrating adaptability and innovation in embracing new technologies.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
Work Environment
Product Category
Client Help
Complaint handling
Client Advising
Product demos
Education & Training
Regent's University
‘23 - ‘24
Brand Management
Symbiosis Center for Media and Communication
‘17 - ‘20
BA Mass Communications in Advertising