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Warehouse Stock Controller

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Doha, Qatar

JOBIN is open to new work opportunities

  • Brands JOBIN has worked with
    • Ideal Solutions Company Qatar
    • Sharaf Retail Group
    • al Maya Group of International Fmcg Llc
    • Bhīma Jewelry Trivandrum
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Stock Controller

Ideal Solutions Company Qatar

Jan 2022 - Present

Designation : Stock Controller Company profile : Ideal Solutions Company (ISC) is a leading Qatari national company founded in 1998. Ideal Solutions is one of the top electronic solutions providers in...

Inventory Control Executive

Sharaf Retail Group

May 2022 - Jul 2022

Designation : Inventory Control Executive Company profile : Sharaf Group is one of the largest and most respected business conglomerates in Middle East. It comprises of over 60 operating companies in ...

Inventory Control Executive

al Maya Group of International Fmcg Llc

May 2010 - Jun 2013

Designation : Inventory Control Executive Company profile : The Al Maya Group is a House hold name within UAE and GCC over 30 years. The Al Maya group, has ambitious plans to further execute continued...

Accounts Executive

Bhīma Jewelry Trivandrum

Jun 2008 - Apr 2010

Organization : Bhīma Jewelry Trivandrum Designation : Accounts Executive Company profile : One of the leading jewels groups in India Duration : From June 2008 to April 2010 Team Management Skills

  • Microsoft 365




  • Warehouse Management Systems


  • Risk Management


  • Inventory Analysis


  • Demand Forecasting


  • Supply Chain Management






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