Kristian Merkja

I am a fashion student, passionate about creativity & style, expressing unique vision through design & trends.

With years of waitressing experience, I've mastered customer service and adaptability in fast-paced settings. My proficiency in complaint handling, aftercare, and styling, combined with basic English skills, makes me an ideal candidate for dynamic retail environments.

Previous Brands
Pizzeria on the Green
Work Experience
Aug ‘21 - May ‘23

Contact: Nuno Nunes Phone number: 07958781155 Email address: nunonunes@hotmail.co.uk 1. Customer Assistance: Provided friendly and efficient service by taking orders, handling transactions, and addressing customer inquiries, ensuring a positive experience for all visitors. 2. Maintaining Cleanliness: Supported the team in maintaining a clean and organized workspace, including washing dishes, wiping counters, and ensuring the shop's cleanliness met health and safety standards. 3.Learning and Adapting: Quickly grasped coffee shop procedures and protocols, demonstrating a willingness to learn different tasks and adapt to changing needs in a fast-paced environment. 4. Team Support: Assisted colleagues during rush hours by refilling supplies, restocking inventory, and collaborating effectively, contributing to a smooth and efficient workflow.

Feb ‘19 - Feb ‘20
Pizzeria on the Green

Contact: Suela Drini Phone number: 07715270111 1. Superior Customer Service: Delivered exceptional service, ensuring a positive experience for customers through attentive table service, resulting in high satisfaction rates. 2. Maintained Clean and Welcoming Environment: Proactively assisted in maintaining a clean and inviting ambiance by efficiently clearing tables and upholding cleanliness standards, enhancing the overall customer experience. 3.Financial Accountability: Proficiently managed cash and card transactions, maintaining accurate financial records, ensuring precision in monetary transactions. 4. Effective Problem Solver: Successfully navigated high-pressure situations, resolving issues efficiently, and maintaining a high standard of service during challenging moments.

Retail Experience
Complaint handling
Client Help
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
Product labelling
Order preparation
Product setup
Stockroom management