Grégory Balussou

Ecommerce Catalogue Specialist | Luxury and Retail | 5 years of experience

I am a French project manager young, dynamic and eager to learn with a 4 years’ experience in one of the most luxury brand. My path has combined my marketing skills learn thanks to my education and also a large part of IT skills that I’ve learn by myself years by years. Today, I am looking for a new adventure abroad to discover new ways of works, getting a more significative experience, improve my skills, meet new people and challenging my life.

Previous Brands
Gutenberg Networks
Work Experience
Sep ‘21 - Aug ‘22

AWWG is a fashion group, located in Madrid Spain composed by Pepe Jean, Hackett, Façonnable and PVH . I am managing the website catalog for those two brands: Hackett and Façonnable. Ensuring the offer is of published, with the right information (texts, images, attributes, filters) and prepare the launch of new collections are my main missions. There is also an important part of preparing the sales periods by updating prices, control the sell out and elaborate a strategy for the products ordering and menu entries. All of those task demands also to be quite aware of what is actually on the website and to report any bugs encountered to our IT team. Key Responsibilities • Assure the relevance of products data and catalog availability online • Prepare the launch of every collections and sales phases • Manage staff of 2 people Achievements • In 2021 fiscal year we surpassed the objective of +28% for the two brands. • Successfully launched the new mega-menu.

May ‘18 - Aug ‘21

High-end luxury brand in Fashion, Watches, Jewellery, Fragrance and Beauty. I managed the website catalogue for the three divisions of the Maison. I ensured that all the details related to the product were relevant (texts, prices, assets…). I had a full understanding of the full flow from the divisions’ PIM to our front office (Hybris) to be able to identify the root cause of most of any issues. I optimised the user experience by developing new features and integrating them in our existing data model. I managed e-merchandising tool (Attraqt - Fred Hopper) for two of the divisions, where I contributed synonyms, search results, filters or products order. I was a catalogue expert and the link between the business and technical third parties of the project. Key Responsibilities • Assure the relevance of products data • Improve the actual solution to answer users’ needs • Enrich documentation about the solution • Manage staff Achievements • In 2019, launched our solution in more than 35 countries worldwide • In 2018, this new website has bumping USA sales on e-commerce by 25%

Mar ‘17 - Apr ‘18

A high-end luxury brand in Fashion, Watches, Jewellery, Fragrance and Beauty. I was responsible for the Fragrance and Beauty PIM, a database of all the products of the brand. In contact with business from Global and Markets to help them with use the tools, optimize collaborative work, solve identified issues and upgrade solutions. Key Responsibilities • Assure the relevance of products data by resolving issues • Improve the solution to answer users’ needs • Enrich documentation regarding the solution • Animate monthly meeting about the catalogue subjects Achievements • In less than one month, I was able to schedule a full strategy in order to change all the assets available in PIM (and so on our website), which represented more than 2,000 assets. • Made business users more aware of the importance of the data by creating sharing tools to gather all details for new products or training them. After a year, we were encountering significantly less data issues.

Feb ‘16 - Mar ‘17

A consulting group specialised in new technologies and established worldwide. I was part of a testing team for the national railways company (SNCF). I ensured the quality of deliveries, from a functional point of view, concerning e-commerce website or even mobile application. Key Responsibilities • Realise the full test plan by writing test cases on the basis of the specifications • Daily reports about the tests results

Aug ‘15 - Jan ‘16
Gutenberg Networks

A print and web agency, part of DDB group. I was working for the customer Lapeyre, the eponymous French brand for house decoration and renovation works. During my time, I populated a new tool used for the launch of their new e-commerce website all the details of the catalogue. During this time, I had the opportunity to work on a project from draft of a responsive website for one of their corporate websites. Key Responsibilities • Manage a project from draft for a responsive corporate website • Enrich data in PIM (StiboSystems) and CMS Achievements • Launch of a responsive version of a corporate website after having identified that 75% of visitors were using their smartphone. This was also deployed on 3 other markets. • Populate in PIM and back-office the full catalogue of the brand before the e-commerce launch.

Education & Training
INSEEC Grande Ecole
‘12 - ‘15
Master 2 (M2) - Business School
Lycée du Castella
Unknown - ‘10
Paris, France