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Valeria Ribichini


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Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy

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Starting as an intern, I eventually became the Creative Director of the women's line Miss Sixty within the Sixty Group. Throughout this journey, I gained significant skills in design and development in the world of Sportswear, collaborating with various company departments, supervising all creative and development stages of the collection, and achieving notable results for both the brand and my professional growth. I designed pieces for runway shows presented in six editions of NYFW, also handling the brand's styling alongside prominent professionals such as Victoria Bartlett, Patty Wilson, and Kathy Grant. Additionally, I managed important collaborations and special projects for Harrods, Bread&Butter, Renault, Marcolin, Morellato, Coty, Coccinelle, and Barbie Mattel. In 2014, I launched my own mid-to-high-end women's clothing brand, Musae, showcased at the White Trade Show in Milan and distributed in select European boutiques. Simultaneously, I began working as a freelancer, both in Italy and abroad, handling creative direction, product coordination, and styling for planned and fast fashion brands such as Tally Weijl, Pianura Studio, All Saints, Fornarina, and I am.

  • Brands Valeria has worked with
    • MUSAE
  • Valeria's past titles
    • Creative Director
    • Creative Director
    • Creative Director
    • Senior Designer
    • Junior Assistant
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Self employed

Jan 2013 - Present

Collaborating with planned/semi-planned and fast fashion clothing companies. Building the collection from the design phase to development, up to promotion/sales.

• Market analysis
• Trend research ...

Founder/Creative Director


Jan 2014 - Sep 2016

Creation, development, and promotion of two mid-to-high-end women's clothing collections, follow-up of all phases, including commercial coordination and management, as well as the definition and devel...

Creative Director


Jan 2004 - Jan 2013

• Line Manager for MissSixty, reporting to Creative Director Wicky Hassan.
• Creation and design of collections: Main/Denim/Luxury.
• Coordination and supervision of research activities for the fashio...

Senior Designer


Jan 2002 - Jan 2004

-Collected & reviewed samples of new fabric and textile
-Delivered creative solutions to daily artwork and sample requests within designated time frame
-Selected textiles including fabrics, fasteners...

Junior Designer


Jan 2001 - Jan 2002

-Prepared Research notes on new fashion trends and accessories types.
-Helped with the research and development of key fabrics, prints and patterns with fabric team
-Created/visualized an idea and pr...

  • Design Direction


  • Fashion Design


  • Styling


  • Creative Direction


  • Creative Management


  • Artistic Direction





Work Proficiency



Koefia Academy of High Fashion and Costume

Diploma: Haute Couture


1998 to 2001

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