Chris Weatherston



Chris Weatherston

General Manager

Current Location

Northampton, UK

Chris is available for work

PERSONAL SUMMARY A skilled manager with a winning attitude and exceptional customer service seeking to advance my career for a loyal company allowing me to progress within the industry. I am now looking for a new challenging managerial position, one which will make best use of my existing skills and experience. The ability to motivate and inspire a team, continuously exceeding in guest expectations and brand standards, with determination and a proven ability to ensure that the business operates smooth, efficient and profitably, effective communication skills with tact and diplomacy, self motivated and ambitious.

  • Brands Chris has worked with
    • Koru
    • Various Clients
    • the Wedgwood
    • Yarlswood Immigration Centre
    • Sci
    • JD Wetherspoons Ltd
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Open to relocation

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Open to Full-time work

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Sep 2006 - Present

I co-run a business with my self-employed partner.
•We opened a warehouse in 2010 selling designer shoes, handbags, home décor and other accessories to the public, we then incorporated ladies and me...

Part time

Various Clients

Jan 2006 - Present

I worked in various hospitality bars and restaurants at home and abroad helping with issues faced, staff training, budgeting, forecasting, maintaining and enhancing standards, new concepts, pre openin...

General Manager

the Wedgwood

Aug 2019 - Sep 2020

C + A leisure Ltd August 2019 to September 2020
•Monitoring progress by establishing plans, budgeting and measuring results. Complete wet led venue, motivating staff to boost takings up to £11,000 - ...

S.c.o Senior security supervisor

Yarlswood Immigration Centre

Sep 2005 - Apr 2006

Duties were to ensure that rules and regulations set down by the government officials are adhered to.
•Total security of the premises, monitoring the cctv of 250 cameras.
•Performed deep searches an...

Head Venue Coordinator


Jan 2002 - Jan 2006

Responsible for security at venues, health and safety of all clientele and staff.
•Mentored and trained inexperienced staff, ensured company standards/ Laws were adhered to.
•Sourced new contracts/...

  • over 30 years in hospitality


  • head trainer


  • mentor


  • Customer Service Training


  • personal Licence


  • Customer Service Management



Not specified.

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