Julia Abdulbarova



Julia Abdulbarova

Open to suggestions and opportunities in mindfulness, humanitarianism, conscious fashion, coaching & mentorship.

Current Location

London, UK

Julia is available for work

Customer orientated with entrepreneurial approach, communication specialist with 14+ years of experience in sales and store supervision positions. Verifiable talent for maintaining profitable retail operations and customer loyalty, with success in capitalizing on growth opportunities, implementing promotional/marketing strategies and upholding fiscal integrity. Self-driven influencer and an effective trainer skilled in achieving employee buy-in on organizational goals. Respected, trusted individual who upholds highest ethical standards with passion for mindfulness, conscious living and meditation.

  • Brands Julia has worked with
    • Know Thyself Foundation
    • Jimmy Choo, New Bond Street
    • Jimmy Choo, Selfridges
    • Doly Ltd
    • Kgc Celebrities Company
  • Julia's past titles
    • Public Relations Officer
    • Senior Sales Associate
    • Sales Associate
    • Operations Manager
    • Freelance Writer
Work Preference
Location Preference

To be discussed

Work Pattern

Open to Part-time work

Employment Preference
  • Freelance Assignments
  • Hourly Consulting

PR Officer

Know Thyself Foundation

Sep 2011 - Present

world through the science of meditation. Appointed to lead PR activities and raise awareness about the science of meditation and its profound effect on mental and physical health. Key achievements:

Senior Sales Associate

Jimmy Choo, New Bond Street

Sep 2014 - Jan 2020

Sales Associate

Jimmy Choo, Selfridges

Jan 2011 - Sep 2014

Performed to meet and exceed assigned sales performance, provided exceptional standards of customer service, supervised daily opening and closing procedures, assisted CRM manager in relevant activitie...

Assistant Manager

Doly Ltd

Dec 2004 - Sep 2010

Directed most business and operational functions in the store; tracked sales to goal and monitored employee performance. Assisted Vice President Operation with several activities, including pre-interv...

Freelance Entrepreneur

Kgc Celebrities Company

Dec 2002 - Aug 2008

Key achievements:
●Successfully finding, recruiting, consulting, coaching and training home business oriented individuals
●Networking extensively through events, seminars and online avenues to promo...

  • Interpersonal Communication


  • Teamwork


  • Organization Skills


  • Relationship Building


  • Customer Service


  • Mindfulness


  • Meditation


  • Leadership




Not specified.

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