Kenneth Barlis


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Kenneth Barlis

Fashion designer

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

Kenneth is open to new work opportunities

Vision-driven change agent with career-long record of fashion operations, product development, and management success for leading organizations A creative, multi-faceted, and dynamic Fashion Business Owner with 7+ years of success in orchestrating effective design strategies, crafting engaging collections and showcase new products in leading fashion media outlets. Growth-focused thought leader equipped with operations and administrator experience, alongside multitasking and client collaboration. Exceptionally dedicated professional with keen interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills, as well as budget management, policy development, and resource allocation expertise.

  • Brands Kenneth has worked with
    • Kenneth Barlis
    • el Amoroso Homes
  • Kenneth's past titles
    • Administrator
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Kenneth Barlis

May 2012 - Present

Orchestrate product design and development; conduct extensive reach for creative ideas and deliver innovative design input for relevant collections. Manages Productions and Ateliers. Craft sketches b...


el Amoroso Homes

Jun 2009 - Present

Handle daily operations of facilities and staff; organize doctors' appointments for clients, guaranteeing medication compliance, and devising monthly schedule for employees.
•Advise all administrati...

  • Sewing


  • Fashion Design


  • Mood Boards


  • Tech Packs


  • Pattern Drafting


  • Draping


  • Pattern Cutting


  • Garment Fitting



Not specified.

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