Hannah Thompson

I ambitious, creative and outgoing! I prize myself on my communication skills and confidence.

I see myself as ambitious and outgoing. I can manage social situations well and with my excellent organisation and time management, i am able to keep business running smoothly no matter the challenges i am faced with. Personal Key skills: Communication – I have built up great skills when it comes to communication, i am friendly and welcoming while still being able to keep up a professional profile within a work environment. Time management – From my previous job i was able to become very punctual. I manage my time well and can work to a high standard even under pressure. Problem solving – Within my place of work i understand sometimes i am going to be faced with problems. I have built up the skill to no matter what happens i will be able to identify what the problem is, think of a solution that works best to get it resolved and then implement the solution. Teamwork – I have always enjoyed working with others in the past as we can combine our skills together to get the job done the most efficient way. Retailing / Sales / Customer Support – By running my own business i had to be able to sell my services in order to be successful, when it comes to my clients, i feel responsible in making sure they receive the services best suited for them so they can leave my workplace satisfied. This also helps promote business as a happy customer may leave and tell others about your products and good assistance.

Work Experience
Nail Technician
Oct ‘21 - Nov ‘23
Self employed

• self-employed basis. Nail technician. I was previously working from home since the age of 16, with over a year of experience in providing top quality results and customer satisfaction to all my clients. My work has helped me gain valuable communication skills; I am confident and have no problem when tasked with speaking to strangers and new people.

Retail Experience
Client Help
Complaint handling
Cash register
Education & Training
Part school / Home educated from the age of 15