Margherita Protti



Margherita Protti

Product Development Consultant Luxury Leather Goods and Accessories

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London, UK

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Highly experienced Product Development Consultant specialising in luxury leather goods and accessories. In-depth knowledge of fashion and luxury gained in senior managerial roles at three highly regarded and successful British brands: Anya Hindmarch, Alfred Dunhill and Vivienne Westwood.

Clients include- Tanner Krolle, Mavette, ME+EM, Chaos Fashion, Hill&Friends, Troubadour Goods, Sophia Webster and Vivienne Westwood.

Proven success at skilfully managing product development at all stages of the process from creative into production resulting in refined, well-crafted product. Experienced at both hands-on practical development as well as directing teams and managing process.

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Open to Full time or Part time work

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Monica Larkin

Senior Designer, Hill&Friends

Direct manager

A very talented individual with a vast knowledge and skill set as well as a very keen eye for detail. Margherita works wonderfully as part of an existing team but is also very capable of just getting on with what needs doing.

Luisa Bosco

Senior Product Developer, dunhill

Senior colleague

Having worked with Margherita for many years with various prestigious brands, I can testify she has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of luxury leather items and the entire development process of these products. She has also successfully developed products some may believe are impossible achieve through her positive attitude ensuring fun and laughs are had along the way.

  • Product Development


  • Sourcing


  • Handbags


  • Footwear


  • Quality Control


  • Luxury & Fashion Industry


  • Luxury






Central Saint's Martins College


Textile Design

1997 to 2000

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