Khalil Bent

Founder of Horse Properties

Individual with a commitment to progressing, blending international animal work expertise with successful roles in Central London's hospitality. Well-versed in Animal Behaviour and Management, fine dining, and dedicated to ensuring guest satisfaction. Eager to improve advanced skills in food safety and customer service to a new, rewarding opportunity.

Previous Brands
Century Club
London Equestrian Centre,Woodside
Work Experience
Bar Back
Feb ‘23 - Aug ‘23
Century Club

preparation and service. Assisted in the development of a closing checklist, streamlining end-of-day procedures. As a past bar back, I streamlined operations by swiftly restocking glassware, alcohol, and garnishes. I maintained a tidy workspace, aiding in a smooth workflow. During busy shifts, I assisted with drink preparation, handled waste disposal, and contributed to closing procedures, ensuring a well-prepared bar for the next day's service.

Commis Waiter
Jun ‘21 - Oct ‘21
Century Club

Achievements: Successfully handled a high-volume shift, maintaining quality service during peak hours. Recognised for maintaining a consistently clean and organised dining area. As a former commis waiter, I prepped dining areas, took orders, and collaborated with seniors and the kitchen team. Engaging with customer inquiries, serving, and handling payments were integral parts of the role. Efficiently clearing tables and organising the dining area contributed to a seamless and enjoyable dining environment, requiring attention to detail and effective communication.

Horse stable hand
Apr ‘18 - Jul ‘19
London Equestrian Centre,Woodside

Achievements: Successfully trained a timid horse, improving its grooming experience. As a former stable hand, my responsibilities included cleaning stalls, ensuring horses had fresh hay and water, and regularly grooming them. I kept a vigilant eye on their health, assisted with their exercises, and maintained their gear in top-notch condition. It was demanding work, but I took pride in providing excellent care for those incredible animals that I truly loved.

Education & Training
City & Islington College
‘20 - ‘22
Animal Management Level 3 ~