Ilyas Ahmed

Sales Associate

Experienced retail professional with roles at FOOTASYLUM, excelling in customer service, visual merchandising, and sales. Successfully grew an Instagram-based clothing line, showcasing strong communication and design skills. Adaptable to various retail environments.

Previous Brands
Clothing Brand
Welland Medical
Work Experience
Student Design Engineer
Jul ‘23 - Jul ‘24
Welland Medical

• Worked on a range of medical devices and created an array of photorealistic renders and animations of our products for our international distributors. • Participated and led ideation sessions with the R&D team to aid in the progression of our projects. • Held meetings with both directors and members of many departments to present ideas for the company to explore, mainly liaising with the engineering and operations teams. • Attended nursing and design conferences to better introduce me to the medical device world and get first-hand experiences in the field.

Dec ‘21 - Now
Self employed

• Grew a clothing line on Instagram and gained major cross-border consumer attraction in Europe. • Designed the logos, tech packs, garments, and website on my own, teaching myself on the way. • Communicated with suppliers across the globe to select and create the highest-quality garments. • Undertook a handful of social media marketing courses to learn about the best ways to grow my brand.

Sales Associate / Visual Merchandiser
Jun ‘21 - Mar ‘23

• Welcomed clients and offered tailored support to guarantee a remarkable purchasing encounter and handled client questions and grievances effectively. • Showcased extensive product knowledge for clothing and footwear, helping clients make well-informed selections about what to buy, surpassing my monthly sales goals. • Helped with visual merchandising, making sure displays were appealing, well-organized, and in line with brand guidelines. • Worked as a team to accomplish store objectives and foster a happy work atmosphere. • Trained and guided new hires, offering advice on sales techniques and retail protocols.

Freelance Graphic Designer
May ‘19 - Now
Self employed

• Design logos, music cover art, posters, video editing and tattoo designs through commissions on social media. • Built an exclusive client base that exclusively approached me for their design needs.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
High street store
Product Category
Client Help
Client Advising
Cash register
Product setup
Product labelling
Inventory control
Store Maintenance
Stockroom management
Maahir Ahmed
Direct manager - Manager, FOOTASYLUM
Jun 2021 - Mar 2023

I will always love to work with Ilyas again. Ilyas has always brought in amazing energy to the team and was someone I could rely on as well as delegate tasks other members of staff may not be able to do, e.g. Merchandising, Manager Authorisation for tills etc. Ilyas was someone that was able to quickly learn all departments which is seen as a major accomplishment as not many find their footing as easily as Ilyas has within every department. Ilyas was someone I would have 100% looked at for a Supervisor role if that was something he would have been interested in.

Mandarin - Basic
French - Native
English - Native
Education & Training
Loughborough University
‘21 - ‘25
BA Industrial Design:
Seven Kings School
‘19 - ‘21
A Level
Maths, Geography, Product Design