Margherita Bachis



Margherita Bachis

Fashion Designer - Polimoda Alumna

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Sant'Antioco, IT

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Since my childhood I have always been attracted to the expression of beauty through the way of dressing. Having had the fortune to travel a lot since I was a child, this interest of mine has evolved through the contamination of many different styles and cultures, capable of incredibly enhancing my creativity, giving birth to a great passion for fashion.
In 2018, the decision to attend the Fashion Designer course at Polimoda - Florence was the natural continuation of my path of creative growth, immersed in a multi-ethnic environment that has nourished my inspiration throughout the academic career that has just ended.
The learning of technical skills, the extraordinary source of inspiration given by the continuous exchange of ideas with young colleagues from many different countries and my great passion, have allowed me to be chosen among the best Polimoda talents who have had the privilege to present their collection on the occasion of the 'Carpe Noctem' event, which was held on 13 June 2022 in the splendid setting of the Torregiani Gardens in Florence.

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    • Fashion Design Specialist
    • Product Design Intern
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Fashion designer


Feb 2023 - Present

Fashion Design Intern


Jan 2022 - Feb 2023

  • Jewelry Design


  • Creative Design


  • Retail Design


  • Design Production


  • Project Design


  • Creative Concept Design


  • Design Development


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Bachelor's degree

2018 to 2022

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