Teni Tolu

Attentive professional aims to provide exceptional customer service and create a positive experience for customers.

Experienced retail assistant with expertise in customer service, inventory management, and creating engaging displays. Proven ability to maintain a clean, organised store environment while ensuring an enjoyable shopping experience. Flexible and adaptable to various retail settings.

Previous Brands
Cafe Server —
Croydon [Admin-worker/Receptionist]
Cancer Research UK
Tikis Cafe
Work Experience
[Retail Assistant]
Sep ‘23 - Jan ‘24
Cancer Research UK

As a retail assistant, I provided exceptional customer service and, assisted customers in finding desired items and handling transactions, whilst maintaining a clean and organised store environment. I assisted with the inventory management, restocking shelves, and creating attractive displays to enhance the shopping experience. Overall, I ensured customers had a positive and enjoyable time while shopping in store.

Admin / Receptionist
Jan ‘23 - Jun ‘23
Croydon [Admin-worker/Receptionist]

As an admin worker and receptionist, I became particularly good at managing and organising information, or scheduling appointments. I ensured accuracy in the documentations and correspondence. I learnt effective communication skills and interpersonal skills, as I had to serve as a point of contact for clients and the other colleagues I worked with. Time management and prioritisation skills are essential in handing multiple tasks efficiently. Overall, being an admin worker helped to equip me with the necessary versatile skill sets that I feel I can now apply to any work setting.

Feb ‘22 - Jul ‘22
Tikis Cafe

Being a server was a dynamic job! I took orders served food and drinks, whilst ensuring that all customers had a pleasant dining experience . Handled cash payments and assisted any customer inquiries or requests. I was able to interact with all kinds of people and make for an overall pleasant dining experience. It was fast-paced at times, but rewarding to be able to provide great service and see customers leave satisfied. I was part of a team and worked well together to create a positive atmosphere. I learned many useful and valuable skills. Overall, my time as a server taught me skills that I believe are transferrable.

Retail Experience
Work Environment
Product Category
Client Help
Returns & Exchanges
Cash register
Product labelling
Store Maintenance
Order preparation
English - Native