Brandon Okoye

Sales Associate
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I am a part-time sales associate at Selfridges. I have a great passion for luxury fashion as I like to keep up with all the new trends and innovations happening in the fashion world. This allows me to make informed suggestions to customers to help them find pieces they will love. What I love about working in luxury fashion is that I meet people from all over the world and sometimes hear stories about their lives back home or how they are finding their time in London. Also, I have worked as a personal shopper, so I can cater to customers' needs and curate suggestions based on their style. My love for luxury fashion means I am engaged in whatever I am selling and can offer my most extensive product knowledge.

Previous Brands
Citi guards Ltd
Eco Concepts Ltd
Fortnum and Mason
Golden Goose
Kidbrooke pharmacy
Kurt Geiger
MAC Cosmetics
Roger Vivier
Stamford Bridge Stadium
Work Experience
Sales Associate
Aug ‘22 - Now

• Working at Harrods has allowed me to further branch out into luxury retail, serving at various departments within the iconic Knightsbridge store like the Harrods Shoe Department, MAC cosmetics, Tom Ford and the Gift Shop; This role allowed me to meet different types of people from all walks of life each with their own stories to tell about their travels and some that didn't speak any English but, with patience and attentiveness, I was able to communicate with them and provide the exceptional customer service Harrods is known for. • This role also tested my ability to deal with high demand and stressful situations where I was attending to 3 customers at a time and having to deliver four pairs of shoes at a time to try on as well as balancing cleaning up after the customers and bringing the unwanted shoes back to the stockroom but with persistence and dedication, I was able to overcome these challenges and provide exceptional customer service. • Some key moments were selling four pairs of shoes to one person on my first day and selling 20 pairs of shoes on my second day as well as selling £1000 worth of men's grooming products in a day and selling £600 worth of gift shop products to a single customer.

Personal Shopper/ Stylist
Aug ‘22 - Aug ‘23
Eco Concepts Ltd

• I worked as part of a personal shopping company and I'm now branching into freelancing with my own clients to purchase luxury fashion items accustomed to their own personal style. • I'm very familiar with both Kibbe and Kitchener systems as well as the seasonal colour palette system which I've used to help clients find pieces that complement not only their bodies and natural colouring but their unique, personal style.

Pharmacy Assistant
Aug ‘22 - Sep ‘22
Kidbrooke pharmacy

• My role as a pharmacy assistant included stocking shelves, pricing items, checking deliveries, dispensing, and issuing descriptions to customers and selling various hygiene and beauty products. • This placement further challenged and strengthened my customer service skills; I had to answer a customer's query on the difference between 2 types of pregnancy tests sold. After giving her information about both, she ended up buying one. • Another thing this placement taught me was the importance of attention to detail when dispensing medicines and getting the customer's name right because I couldn't afford to mix up the prescriptions.

Sales Associate
Jun ‘22 - Aug ‘22
Fortnum and Mason

• I worked at Fortnum and Mason in which my roles included selling various types of sweet treats like macaroons, exotic chocolates, baklava, cake and much more. • I learned how to adapt to the environment I was in as I often when from serving 1 customer at a time, to upwards of 6 within 10 minutes as the flow of customers to the counter was constantly changing. • A key moment was selling nearly £300 worth of hot chocolates and biscuits to one customer.

Oct ‘21 - May ‘22
Stamford Bridge Stadium

• I worked at the iconic Stamford Bridge Stadium, home to Chelsea Football Club where my friendly face and body language allowed me to successfully interact with customers of all various backgrounds, answer queries, solve any conflicts, manage product transactions, and advance customer service and verbal communication skills. • My responsibilities included selling and stocking food, drink, and merchandise and assisting customers with directions.

Marketing Assistant
Sep ‘19 - Sep ‘21
Citi guards Ltd

• I worked at a security firm that oversaw installing various methods of security like CCTV in places like hospitals and care homes in which I was able to: Network with over five potential customers for future projects, reached all targets set by the manager and assistant, demonstrated resilience to gain contracts with customers, constantly noting and meeting their demands and significantly improved negotiation skills, regularly converting customers from point of enquiry to contracts.

Retail Experience
Store Approvals
Retail Category
High-end luxury
Work Environment
Department store
Product Category
Beauty & Fragrances
Client Help
Client Advising
Cash register
Store Maintenance
Product labelling
Product setup
Worked in the same group - Sales Associate, Harrods
Aug 2022 -

I enjoyed working with Brandon in Harrods. We both worked as a great team and I received a lot of motivation while working with Brandon. Brandon was very polite and professional when working in Harrods even when the shop floor was busy.

Spanish - Basic
English - Native
Education & Training
University of Portsmouth
‘23 - ‘27
Bsc (Hons)
Thomas Tallis School
‘21 - ‘23
Maths, Chemistry and Biology