Purvangi Yagnik

Laboratory Assistant

Highly dedicated and meticulous laboratory assistant with a strong background in scientific research and laboratory techniques. My sales experience enhances my exceptional customer interaction and communication skills. Proficient in equipment operation, and sample preparation, ensuring precise and reliable results. Demonstrated problem-solving abilities and fast, accurate service in sales roles. Adapt at maintaining lab safety and adhering to protocols with keen atention to detail. Complemented by an educational journey in Molecular Medicine and a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology, I am well prepared to contribute significantly to research endeavors. A proactive team player thriving in collaborative environments, capable for working under pressure and managing time eficiently. Excited to leverage this diverse background to promote scientific progress and contribute to your organization's seamless research environment.

Previous Brands
Welcome Break
Gujarat University
Sanjivni Laboratory
Work Experience
Sales Team
Mar ‘23 - Now
Welcome Break

• Proficient in accurate customer transaction processing. • Exceptional customer service skills. • Safely handle fuel transactions. • Expertise in inventory management. • Strong team collaboration for smooth shifts.

Dec ‘22 - Mar ‘23

• Accurate order taking at counter, drive-thru, and kiosks. • Skillful food prep for burgers, fries, and beverages. • Friendly and eficient customer service with issue resolution. • Strict adherence to food and equipment safety protocols. • Proficient upselling to enhance the customer experience.

Laboratory Assistant
Jul ‘20 - Mar ‘21
Sanjivni Laboratory

• Sample Collection & Processing: Expertly collect and process COVID-19 test samples, ensuring proper labeling, storage, and transportation for accurate testing. • Lab Hygiene & Safety: Maintain a pristine laboratory environment, rigorously adhering to hygiene and safety standards to prevent virus transmission. • Eficient Data Management: Accurately record test results and patient data in databases or electronic health records, ensuring timely updates. • Inventory Oversight: Manage and track vital laboratory supplies, reagents, and equipment essential for COVID-19 testing. • Safety Compliance: Dedication to strict adherence to safety protocols, prioritizing personal and public well-being in the fight against the virus.

Apr ‘20 - May ‘20
Gujarat University

• Contact Tracing: Collaborated with public health for COVID-19 contact tracing, enhancing community safety. • Vaccination Support: Vital role in vaccine distribution and admin, fighting the pandemic. • Mental Health: Provided remote support, aiding individuals during tough times. • Vulnerable Groups: Ofered companionship, errands, and tech help to isolated individuals. • Online Fundraising: Organized successful virtual fundraisers for nonprofits. • Meal Delivery: Ensured essential meal delivery to vulnerable populations.

Experienced Categories
High street
High-end luxury
Experienced Work Environments
Shopping centre
High street store
Experienced Product Categories
Watches & Jewelry
Client Help
Complaint handling
Product demos
Online orders fulfilment
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Product setup
Product labelling
Delivery processing
Stockroom management
Stock control
Store Maintenance
Order preparation
Inventory control
Education & Training
University of East Anglia
‘22 - ‘23
Master of Science
Gujarat University
‘19 - ‘22
Bachelor of Science
Vardhman Vidhyalaya
Unknown - ‘19
12th Grade
Vardhman Vidhyalaya
Unknown - ‘17
10th Grade