Genesis Garcia



Genesis Garcia

Sales Assistant

Current Location

London, UK

P R O F I L E An outgoing and confident 19-year-old who moved to London from Spain at the age of 17. I work well under pressure and enjoy working both independently and as part of a team. I am always up for a challenge and committed to improving my work ethic and developing existing skills, such as communication, ethical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. I am seeking a marketing apprenticeship position to build on these skills and contribute to a company´s success.

  • Brands Genesis has worked with
    • Sales Ambassadors UK
    • Querol

Marketing Assistant

Sales Ambassadors UK

Jan 2022 - Jul 2022

• Assisted with marketing campaigns
• Conducted market research
• Managed social media accounts
• Reached customers with B2B techniques.

Sales Assistant


Dec 2020 - Jul 2021

I used to work in Barcelona as a sales assistant in Querol while I was studying my career, Commercial Activities of Fashion Marketing. Querol is a Spanish company specialized in shoes. Some of the tas...

Retail Experience
  • Greeting & welcoming
  • Assisting customers
  • Collecting client data
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • Upselling/Cross-selling
  • Managing cash register
  • Managing returns & exchanges
  • Wrapping & packing
  • Shipping & packaging online orders
  • Providing guidance & recommendations
  • Styling
  • Product demonstrations
  • Product location & preparation
  • Pricing, tagging and labelling
  • Inventory control
  • Processing & unpacking deliveries
  • Stock management
  • Order fulfilling
  • Store cleaning & tidying
  • Stockroom shelving & labelling
Retail Category
  • Premium
  • High street
Work Environment
  • Shopping centre
  • High street store
  • Department store
Product Category
  • Womenswear
  • Accessories
  • Watches & Jewelry
  • Footwear
  • Beauty & Fragrances







Lewisham college

Extended Diploma in Performing and Producion Arts (Level 3),



BTEC Level 3 in Commercial Activities of Fashion Marketing,


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