Andrey Zhakevich



Andrey Zhakevich

R&D Director

Current Location

Paris, France

Andrey is available for work

OBJECTIVE R&D Director. 13 years of experience in production management. Main areas: shoes, accessories, materials and packaging. Sustainable development expert.

  • Brands Andrey has worked with
    • Altropel
    • 12 Storiez
    • Pangaia
    • Walk of Shame
    • Awake MODE
    • Inch2 - Shoes brand
    • Gottlieb School
    • Stefano Bemer
    • Gottlieb Schwarz
  • Andrey's past titles
    • Founder
    • Director Of Research Development
    • Video Production Manager
    • Video Production Manager
    • Video Production Manager
    • Video Production Manager
    • Teacher
    • Shoemaker
    • Founder
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Nov 2020 - Present

In the process of working with sustainable materials, I identified for myself the points with which I did not agree and was convinced that it could be done differently. From that moment on, I began to...

R&D Director

12 Storiez

Apr 2022 - Dec 2022

The company decided to create a new department and I was asked to head it. The main task was to develop new materials and improve the already used (textile, leather) trims and packaging. I was also of...

Production manager


Dec 2019 - Apr 2022

In the process of working with shoes, I had a crisis, I began to think about ecology and an oversupply of products in the world, I no longer wanted to create another product that would soon end up in ...

Production manager

Walk of Shame

Jan 2019 - Mar 2020 Jan 2019 — Mar 2020 Production manager

Production manager

Awake MODE

Nov 2017 - Dec 2019

fashion Nov 2017 — Dec 2019 Production manager After that, various clothing brands began to contact me as an expert to launch new directions in their brand. Often brands came t...

  • Production Managers


  • Shoe Design


  • Research Development


  • Research Management


  • Sustainable Fashion


  • Sustainability Management



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