Fammie azeez



Fammie azeez

MSc Sustainability and Management II BA(Hons) Fashion Styling and Production ||

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London, UK

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My interest in media and communications and Sustainability arouse in my foundation year when I was carrying out my projects on different Fashion media platforms and realised the remarkable impact it has on society. My goal is to project innovative creations that consider economic, political and social quo, to ignite and communicate ideas to people. In today's day and age, as it's a transitional phase within societies, I want to explore and have an impact in the future, as mindsets and jobs are evolving and require new and innovative thinkers. My bachelor's degree in fashion styling and production made me realise the negative socio-economic-political impacts the fashion industry has. The fashion industry being one of the biggest influencers on society, I wanted to merge the creative elements of fashion with morals that support a sustainable and ethical future, through understanding the technical, analytical and strategic elements of media and communication. Currently, I am doing a specialised masters in MSc Sustainability and management with a focus on strategic sustainability, business ethics, environmental management, business economics, Marketing sustainability and society, operations management, global governance and accountability, principles of corporate social responsibility and leading and managing change. My career goal is to merge the creative and philosophical morals I envision. I am interested in a career in sustainability within the Fashion industry.

  • Brands Fammie has worked with
    • Frame of Mind Tank Magazine
    • Art Dubai
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Open to relocation

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  • Permanent Positions

PR & Communication Intern

Art Dubai

Jan 2020 - Feb 2020

Gallery Assistant
·Assisted with shoots . Gallery curation
·Handling e-commerce
·Assisting artists
·Market research
·Technical spreads
·Dealing with buyers


Frame of Mind Tank Magazine

Jan 2020

Managing social media . Editorial .Excel . Wordpress . Wix
·Pitching ideas
·Fahion cupboard
·Researching topics on

  • Fashion Styling


  • Public Relations


  • Sustainability Management


  • Editorial


  • Social Media


  • Press Relations




Not specified.

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