Chukwudalu Molokwu

Performance Marketing | Meta & Google Ads Expert
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I am a driven and enthusiastic individual greatly passionate about marketing. Successfully able to work both in a team and individually, I am used to dealing with different tasks during work, to always be willing to motivate those around me, my team, staff as well as be positive in all circumstances. I focus on finding solutions. I am always eager and ready to learn new things and improve my skills.

Previous Brands
Ipsum Media Agency
Work Experience
Feb ‘20 - Now
Ipsum Media Agency

Ipsum Media is a digital marketing agency which I set up in 2020, which I was only able to take full time in 2021. My role here was different from any other job I had worked at previously. After spending the last 2 years studying marketing in my spare time, learning about terminology and more, now I am responsible for creating growth and marketing strategies for various companies and brands, as well as executing on those strategies. I've hired team members, trained them in their various skills from video editing, to Facebook Ads and optimizing marketing campaigns. This job has allowed me to develop and work on my skills more than I ever could have imagined, from furthering my people management skills, as well as training, patience, planning and execution skills, delegation and allocation. Some of the tasks I was in charge of: ●Social media Management ○ Strategy creation ○ Scheduling ○ Posting ○ Hashtag research ○ Keyword research (SEO for TikTok) ●Setting up and Launching Facebook ads ●Reporting ●Optimizing campaigns ●Copywriting ●Content creation ●Trends studying OTHER WORK EXPERIENCES

Italian - Native
Spanish - Basic
English - Fluent
Leeds, UK