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Vincent Vuillaume

Sales Director

Current Location

Geneva, Switzerland

Vincent is available for work

Results driven professional with 20+ years of experience in successfully developing and implementing luxury brands sales strategies worldwide, optimising distribution networks and improving profitability. With strong creativity and analytical skills, ability to adapt and make fast decisions, I led multicultural teams both at HQ level or in subsidiaries (USA, Asia-Pacific) to deliver excellence and achieve significant growth.

  • Brands Vincent has worked with
    • ORIGYN Foundation
    • Hublot
    • Cartier
  • Vincent's past titles
    • International Sales Director
    • International Sales Director
    • Regional Director
    • Sales and marketing manager
    • National Sales Director
    • National Sales Director
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Open to relocation

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Open to Full-time work

Employment Preference
  • Permanent Positions

International Sales Director

ORIGYN Foundation

Nov 2021 - Mar 2022

Business development of a new technology allowing biometrical authentication of luxury products and creation of a tamperproof certificate on the blockchain Sales strategy and Account management :

International Retail Director


Jan 2017 - Aug 2020

Management of a team of 10 direct HQ reports and 7 managers in local subsidiaries.
Supervision of 104 boutiques and implementation of the strategic Retail focus of the brand
(share of Retail busines...

Regional Director


Mar 2013 - Dec 2016

(2013-2014 : South America and Southern Europe, 2015 : + North America,
2016 : + Scandinavia).
Achieved sales objectives with a yearly average growth of 10-15%
Managed distributors/subsidiaries and ...

Sales and Marketing Manager


Jan 2009 - Feb 2013

Turnover : 30M+ Euros (yearly increase of 15%)
In charge of developing the strategy of the brand in Australia and New Zealand with complete
overview of the P&L

Management of a tea...

North America Senior Director for Eyewear


Jan 2007 - Jan 2008

Turnover : $18.5 million (increase by 10%), 12 direct reports In charge of developing the strategy for Eyewear in North America with full P&L overview
-Defined the distribution strategy (national acc...

  • Commercial Account Management


  • Wholesale Operations


  • Manage client expectations


  • Analytic Problem Solving


  • Expansion Strategy


  • Team Building








KEDGE Business School


Master of Management

1995 to 1998

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