Alex Taparauskas

Young, Ambitious and ready to take on the world!

With a background in mentoring and assisting at Coopers Company & Coburn School, I excel in creating personalised experiences. Fluent in basic English, my skills in fostering positive environments and adapting to individual needs make me ideal for dynamic retail settings.

Previous Brands
Coopers Company & Coburn School
Work Experience
History Subject Mentor
Sep ‘23 - Now
Coopers Company & Coburn School

Organize, plan, and oversee mentoring activities. Tailor mentoring approaches to suit individual mentees' unique needs and learning styles. Provide emotional support and positive reinforcement. Aid mentees in identifying obstacles and developing effective solutions. Strategize productive mentoring sessions. Establish reasonable objectives and coordinate corresponding tasks. Provide constructive feedback to enhance mentee progress. Assess progress and define new goals.

Rugby Coach Assistant
Sep ‘22 - Now
Coopers Company & Coburn School

Ensure that team equipment is managed, maintained, and distributed efficiently and in an organized manner. Keep communication clear and effective with players and coaching staff during training sessions and matches. Collaborate with coaches and players to ensure seamless coordination. Provide assistance during drills, exercises, and other team activities. Take responsibility for specific aspects of training sessions. Motivate and inspire team members to excel. Adapt to various roles within the team as required. Offer solutions to improve team performance. Foster a positive and organised team environment. Demonstrate proper techniques and exercises. Encourage a positive team atmosphere.

Retail Experience
Client Help
Client Advising