Israel Adelokiki

Customer Assistant

With a strong background in customer care and team productivity, I've developed key retail skills at Tesco Express. My adaptability to dynamic conditions, ability to maintain clean workspaces and handle payments position me well for temporary retail roles.

Previous Brands
Batch Organics
Procter & Gamble
Scott Anderson LTD
Tesco Express
Work Experience
Glass collector and head waiter
Apr ‘23 - Jun ‘23
Scott Anderson LTD

• Collected wine and beer glasses from customers when they had finished with them. • Worked quickly in a fast-paced environment to improve customer service and satisfaction. • Washed cutlery, glassware and crockery, making sure they were clean for their next use. • Served food to customers in a calm and sensible manner. • Maintained a healthy and clean working environment, getting rid of potential hazards and promoting good hygiene. • Sometimes had to lead my colleagues as head waiter in serving food to the customers in a professional manner, increasing customer satisfaction and promoting good customer service.

Factor Worker
Jul ‘22 - Sep ‘22
Procter & Gamble

• Loaded and unloaded products before packing or dispatching efficiently. • Worked flexibly and in adherence to health and safety practices. • Collaborated with team members to achieve target results. • Promoted safe working environment by implementing regulatory standards, policies and guidelines

Fruit Packer
Jun ‘22 - Jul ‘22
Batch Organics

production line efficiency. • Assembled and prepared cartons, crates and containers to protects the materials during shipment. • Promoted workplace safety and production efficiency by keeping workspaces clean, organised and free of hazards. • Followed sanitisation, health and hygiene regulations. • Removed hazardous material, following decontamination requirements and corrective action plans.

Team Member
Jul ‘21 - Sep ‘21

• Kept customer and food preparation areas clean and well-organised to maintain appearance and quality standards. • Identified areas of health and safety improvement to maintain safe and secure customer environments. • Maximised customer satisfaction by quickly addressing and resolving complaints with food or service. • Delivered great service by being adaptable, using initiative and communicating with a diverse range of people. • Maintained high standards of cleanliness throughout establishment, preparation tables and dining areas. • Processed cash and card payments, providing correct change and feedback forms. • Kept front-of-house areas clean for a safe environment, welcoming staff and customers. • Applied excellent customer service techniques for optimal guest satisfaction. • Greeted and escorted customers to designated areas to promote a friendly and fostering environment. • Farewelled customers in a polite and professional manner, maintaining positive impressions.

Customer assistant
Jun ‘20 - Jun ‘21
Tesco Express

• Assisted customers and attended to their needs. • Unloaded stock and stacked them neatly on the shelves. • Demonstrated high-quality customer service for optimal customer satisfaction. • Identified potential hazards and acted quickly to eliminate them, maintaining a safe and secure customer environment.

Retail Experience
Complaint handling
Client Advising
Product setup
Order preparation
Store Maintenance
Education & Training
Harris Academy Riverside
A-Level Biology: