Ana Portela


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Ana Portela

Humanoid Designing a Circular World

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London, UK

Ana is open to new work opportunities

Mexican psychologist that decided to follow her dreams and take a fashion job in Italy without speaking the language ( the original Emily in Paris with better style and respect for other cultures ). Fast forward 10 years, living on 3 continents she found home in London. As a daughter of globalization, Ana appreciates and enjoys its benefits but now more than ever cherish and wishes to protect the local sense of community. She understands the importance of educating ourselves on different cultures to #givecredit. Traveling the world showed her first-hand the problems of the fashion industries and made her more determined to keep the promise she made to the planet as a child: to take care of it. This commitment is taken into her work; searching for better and more circular ways of living/creating. When she is not writing about herself in the third person Ana does enjoys the simple things in life, like yoga, hand embroidery, drawing, and reading from victorian Gossip Girl ( aka Jane Austen) to Japanese magic realism as Natsume Sōseki. A bit of a philosopher "Stan", always trying to learn more, reading scientific reports or studying biomimicry she takes inspiration and determination from nature. Sustainable Fashion Languages: English (Advanced), Spanish (Native), Italian (Advanced) French (Basic) Technical: Adobe Suite CS6, Office, Advanced Mac, and Windows user Professional: Trend analysis and forecasting, garment development, communication, supplier relationship

  • Brands Ana has worked with
    • Original Creator
    • Profesional Independiente
    • Marks and Spencer
    • Alpha 211 (Uk) Limited
    • LTB
    • Arav Fashion Spa - Silvian Heach - John Richmond
    • Trista
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Sustainable Design Consultant

Profesional Independiente

Dec 2020 - Present

Creative Design Manager

Original Creator

Feb 2020 - Present

Junior Designer

Marks and Spencer

Oct 2017 - Sep 2021

Fashion Designer

Alpha 211 (Uk) Limited

Jan 2015 - Sep 2017

Womenswear Denim Designer Design meetings with buyers and brands' designers. Designing multi-products in Denim, Twill, Chambrey, Lyocell, and Eco-leather. Developing a seasonal trend range and collect...

Assistant Head Designer


Mar 2014 - Aug 2014

Womenswear and Children Multi- Product Designer Assisting Art Director with research, mood boards, sample shopping, sourcing, fit meetings and developing seasonal collections. Presenting a cohesive co...

  • Art Direction


  • Sustainability Consulting


  • Startup Development


  • Fashion Design


  • Brand Strategy


  • Human Behavior







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