Chiara Laliche-Beutler

Seller Partner Support

Finishing my bachelor at the city university of London, I have been twice awarded for my excellent academically results there. I have been awarded for a variety of achievements which I am very proud of, in languages, literature, and economics. I devote myself to my work and put all my energy into achieving my goals. I am motivated and love to take up new challenges. I have explored a variety of professions, appreciating the contact with people and deepening my language knowledge. I have learned to value the amazing qualities everyone has to offer and know how to help people discover their best self. Volunteering has helped me understand the privilege I have had in life and to humble myself to other’s people cause. I have made amazing friendships throughout my journey, and believe every challenge has made me stronger and more confident in who I am.

Previous Brands
Cinepel SA
Ecole catholique
for restaurants
the H&M shop
the Hôtel Beau Rivage*****
Work Experience
Jul ‘23 - Aug ‘23
the Hôtel Beau Rivage*****

• Welcomed the guests and organized the space • Provided à la carte service to customers • Prepared alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages • Ensured transactions and payments for customers • Ensured the cleanliness of the locations

Provisional Support seller
Dec ‘22 - Dec ‘22
the H&M shop

• Received and processed stock deliveries • Assisted the unpackaging and labelling of goods • Maintained the disposition of the goods in the shop • Ensured the cleanliness of the premises • Provided customer service

Support waiter
Aug ‘21 - Dec ‘22
for restaurants

• Provided my services to the Hôtel du Marché, Hôtel Beaulac**** and the Hôtel Beau Rivage***** • Organized and coordinated guests welcoming and placement management • Provided à la carte service to customers • Prepared and distributed beverages and appetizers during events • Ensured the proper development of events welcoming up to 300 guests

Hall support
Sep ‘19 - Dec ‘19
Cinepel SA

• Organized audience welcoming and theatre placing • Provided service, managed gathering and responded to guests needs during intervals • Ensured quality sanitary maintenance and supplied provisions between the different spaces FURTHER EMPLOYMENT

After-school care animator
Aug ‘18 - Sep ‘20
Ecole catholique

• Tutored homework and schoolwork to children between six and ten years of age • Organized free time entertainment and recreational activities during breaks • Supervised children well-being and safety within school perimeters Middle School Students tutoring, Centre des Terreaux, Neuchâtel, Switzerland Aug 2014 – July 2016 • Tutored students with academic difficulties in all school subjects to help fill academical gaps • Enhanced academical knowledge through additional learnings and exercises

Retail Experience
Retail Category
Client Help
Product demos
Client Advising
Cash register
Product setup
Order preparation
Delivery processing
French - Native
German - Fluent
Italian - Fluent
English - Fluent
Spanish - Basic
Education & Training
City, University of London
‘21 - ‘23
Bachelor of Science
Lycée Denis-de-Rougemont
‘18 - ‘21
Swiss Maturity Certificate