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Alicia Tustain


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Watford, UK

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A current student obtaining a BA Degree in Hair and Makeup for fashion on the Fashion Media Course at UAL London College of Fashion. Looking to start my career in the Fashion and Cosmetic Industry as I am due to graduate this year (2023). Having five years of experience, I have a strong passion for the industry and a desire to expand my skills and knowledge to improve my work performance. I am a very visual and creative individual and am looking for work in similar areas of PR/Talent/Marketing/Advertising.

  • Brands Alicia has worked with
    • Brandstand Communcations
    • Flannels
    • Superdrug
  • Alicia's past titles
    • Marketing And Public Relations Assistant
    • Sales Associate
    • Fragrance Consultant
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Open to relocation

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Beauty PR & Marketing and Talent Assistant

Brandstand Communcations

Apr 2022 - Jul 2022

General office and admin work Create social media plan and post on social media Assist in creating campaigns and PR pitches Work closely with Millie Kendall MBE and the management team Finding the cor...

High End Sales Advisor Christmas Temp


Nov 2019 - Jan 2020

Knowledgeable sales associate in this high-end fashion retailer Remained punctual and professional at all times. Maintained a neat appearance and a professional attitude at all times. Remained up-to-d...

Fragrance & SalesAdvisor


May 2019 - Jun 2022

Prepared, organized, and trained in product and brand knowledge for beauty and fragrance Committed to achieving increased sales targets and customer satisfaction Served as a friendly, hardworking, and...

  • Public Relations


  • Social Media


  • Customer Service


  • Digital Marketing


  • Social Media Marketing


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