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Anna Marzia

Social Media Marketing Manager

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London, UK

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Hi, my name is Anna and I've worked as a social media manager since 2018, mostly freelancing. I have grown accounts from zero where they not only have a close-knit bond with community but also great engagement. I have a bachelor's degree is digital marketing, too. I am currently working as an influence manager in a PR company and recently worked as a social media marketing manager for a FinTech company.

I am also a UGC creator which means I create content for brands to post on their social networks. I create different forms of contents such as paid or organic, where the content is specifically designed to either sell or create a community.

I also have experience in sales and customer service as I have worked in retail & sales since 2017.

I have many transferable skills such as organisational skills, time management, researching etc. I also do have hard skills such as video editing, content creation, content curation using Canva, doing market analysis etc.

For social media management, I specialise in TikTok & Instagram and in the GEN Z audience. I am now working on the YouTube side.

  • Brands Anna has worked with
    • World Press Release Organisation Ltd
    • Lanistar
  • Anna's past titles
    • Social Media Manager
    • Social Media Manager
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Social Media Marketing Manager

World Press Release Organisation Ltd

Sep 2022 - Present

Social Media Marketing Manager


Jan 2022 - Sep 2022

As a social media manager I had to manage the company's social media presence while working in a team. Also, I had to reach out to influencers and sell packages which made my job role include influenc...

  • Social Media Strategy


  • Social Media Writing


  • Social Media Branding


  • Social Media Best Practices


  • Social Media Consulting


  • Sales Acquisition


  • Sales Conversion


  • Social Media Blogging


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Kingston University

Bachelor's degree


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