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Rahma Tijjani

I am someone with a very creative mind. Always thinking outside the box

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London, UK

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I was born and raised in Nigeria in a very cultural and religious family, later I came to the UK, being here for the past 5 years, the mixture of culture and lifestyle I’ve experienced is going a long way in the way I design develop.
I am a luxury brand management student in master’s level, and a BA graduate of fashion design. In my 4 years of design practice, I have more interest in textile. I have a great amount of knowledge in repeat pattern prints (digital/ screen print), embroidery, fabric manipulation, and fabric smocking. I have related a lot of my fashion projects to be textile-based. I have done external classes on gold work which I would say is worth every penny I paid. on my Final major project, I used a western fabric to imprint an African repeat pattern. My current masters’ studies is really diversifying my management knowledge. From research to marketing, finance, legal, creativity, entrepreneurship and much more.
It has always been a hobby for me to style my friends and do their makeup. Also, the other form of creativity that I love the most is cooking. I hardly follow a recipe; I just watch the basics and create it in my own way with my own touch.

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    • Stingray Branding
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floor staff

Stingray Branding

Jan 2022 - Oct 2022

  • Digital Analysis


  • Adobe Illustrator


  • Marketing Strategy


  • ms word


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regents university London



2022 to 2023

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