Jim Esposito



Jim Esposito

Marketing Manager

Current Location

London, UK

Jim is available for work

Bi-lingual English and Italian, a writer and storyteller at the core and a marketeer with extensive experience in social media, blogging, SEO, community management, project management and growth marketing. Comfortable working within the hospitality, leisure and travel, music, and fintech sectors, passionate about all things tech and well versed in web design, customer experience, graphic and marketing software applications

  • Brands Jim has worked with
    • Steadypay Ltd
    • Medium
    • Bright Innovation Ltd
    • Dragons Interiors Ltd
    • Lord Tonino Bistro
    • Acetificio Andrea Milano Srl
    • A&R Factory
    • DC Designers' Closet
    • Standing on Giants
    • Airbnb (Standing On Giants)
    • OGI advertising
    • Inveterate (A Guide
Work Preference
Location Preference

To be discussed

Work Pattern

Open to Full-time work

Employment Preference
  • Permanent Positions

Marketing Manager

Steadypay Ltd

Apr 2022 - Present

Creative Writer (Personal blog)


Jan 2016 - Present

Medium, personal blog, website and social channels, London, UK

Creative Content Manager

Bright Innovation Ltd

Jan 2022 - Apr 2022

Marketing Manager

Dragons Interiors Ltd

Mar 2021 - Jan 2022

Marketing Communications Specialist

Lord Tonino Bistro

Apr 2020 - Mar 2021

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  • Social Media


  • Website Building


  • Copy Editing


  • Design


  • Strategic Marketing


  • Content Marketing


  • Community Management




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