Manikanda Prabu Subramanian



Manikanda Prabu Subramanian

Product Development Manager

Current Location

India, South Africa

Manikanda Prabu is available for work

An achievement-driven professional; targeting assignments in New Product Development / Quality Management / Merchandising with an organisation of high repute PROFILE SUMMARY  Problem-solver & out-of-the-box-thinker, with 14+ years of rich multi national experience in New Product Development in Footwear Industry  Skilled in transforming initial concepts/ designs into marketable fashion deliverables  Proficient in prioritizing deadlines, creating & visualizing an idea or concept and producing a design  Excels in designing manufacturing processes for improvements & other external strategic demands; identifying capacity limitation, bottlenecks and process problems for taking corrective action  Recommended improvements to production process to ensure quality control  Skilled in driving continuous improvement through PDCA/ KAIZEN/8D Corrective Action /Lean Manufacturing System / Fish Bone / FDPA / 5S / Six Sigma / 5W and 1H Method /Plan –Do-Check-Act Method  Received Lead the Change Award from Decathlon Sports India  Experienced in managing multiple new product development projects while developing baselines; controlling projects with respect to cost, budgets, time overruns and quality compliance to ensure satisfactory execution  Exhibited a strong and firm approach to sustain and encourage safe work environments and capabilities to streamline operations  Strong strategic leadership skills with proven capability to recruit, retain, motivate and develop a strong team; experience of leading teams in Asia

  • Brands Manikanda Prabu has worked with
    • Apolis
    • Hwaseung Vina
    • Fritha Prime Tannery Pvt. Ltd.
    • Fairway Enterprises Company Ltd.
    • Impactiva S.A
    • Lotus Footwear Enterprise Ltd.
  • Manikanda Prabu's past titles
    • Footwear Designer
    • Product Development Manager
    • Head Of Development Department
    • Tech-Senior Manager
    • Lead Technician
    • Process Engineer
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  • Permanent Positions

Footwear Artist


Feb 2022 - Present

Product Development Manager

Hwaseung Vina

Jan 2021 - Jan 2022

Steering the design & development projects for new product development to match manufacturing facility & deliver
products as per Customer requirement in defined timeline
 Coordinating for the entire...

Product – Development Head (PED-HOD)

Fritha Prime Tannery Pvt. Ltd.

Nov 2018 - Dec 2020

Articulated a fashion vision during brainstorming sessions in a way that engages others, creates enthusiasm, and
results in better products
 Provided product conceptualization, illustration and tech...

Tech-Senior Manager

Fairway Enterprises Company Ltd.

Jun 2017 - Nov 2018

Driving product creation process from initial concept through commercialization and pre-production
 Liaising with Team, Supervisors and Cross-functional Teams to ensure a smooth product development ...

Lead Technician Level1 (QA/QC

Impactiva S.A

Jun 2016 - Oct 2017

Gathered details like Tech Pkg/PO Copy/labeling & Packing Instructions /Approved PPT Sample for each style
/Client Quality Annual / How to Measure diagram from client and presented the same to Tech T...

  • Do-Check-Act Method


  • continuous improvement through PDCA


  • 5W and 1H Method


  • Lean Manufacturing System


  • Six Sigma Black Belt


  • Fish Bone



Work Proficiency







CFTI, Guindy

Post Diploma

Post Diploma in Footwear Technology (1Year)

2008 to 2009

Central Polytechnic College


Master of Technology

2004 to 2007

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