Disha Champaneri

Marketing Internship

With a robust background in customer service and retail operations at Whole Foods Market and Parmar Boot House, I thrive in dynamic settings. Proficient in cash handling, product presentation, and ensuring customer satisfaction, my basic English skills complement my passion for exceptional retail experiences.

Previous Brands
Parmar Boot house
Whole Foods Market
Work Experience
Bakery Service Team Member
Nov ‘23 - Dec ‘23
Whole Foods Market

• Tills Duties: Process customer transactions and handle cash registers. • Barista: Prepare and Make all kinds of cofees and teas, preparing espresso shots using a cofee machine, creating all kinds of variety of cofee beverages, teas and speciality drinks. • Properly pack, wrap, and price products for retail sale. • Slicing, Cuting, Weighing, Packing, and Pricing the products for sale. • Monitor and restock bakery items, ensuring suficient supplies are available. • Deliveroo duties: Bringing out and collecting all the products from all over the store for Deliveroo orders by customers and assisting customer service. • Cleaning and restocking displays. • Helping with cleaning and order for opening and closing shifts.

Digital Marketing Internship
May ‘23 - Jul ‘23

• Content Creation: Made social media posts, blog posts, creating videos, designing infographics. • Social Media Marketing: Used social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twiter, and LinkedIn for marketing purposes. This includes creating content, running ads, and engaging with your audience. • Email Marketing, Google Business, Google ads, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Influencer Marketing. • Content Management Systems (CMS): Proficiency in using CMS platforms like WIX to create and manage websites and blogs. • Graphic Design: Design skills for creating visually appealing graphics and images foe social media, websites, and other marketing materials.

Cashier Assistant
Sep ‘22 - Aug ‘23
Parmar Boot house

• Helped customers complete purchases, locate items, and join reward programs. • Monitored self-checkout systems and provided help in resolving complex problems. • Answered problems about store policies and addressed customer concerns. • Operated cash registers for cash, check and credit and transactions with excellent accuracy levels.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
High street store
Product Category
Client Advising
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
English - Native
Gujarati - Native
Hindi - Native
Education & Training
Regent's University
‘23 - ‘24
BA(Hons) Fashion Marketing
Shree Swaminarayan
‘10 - ‘23
School Certificate