Anjali Purrunsing

Sales Associate & Stylist

With robust retail experience at Nike and Astrid & Miyu, I deliver exceptional product knowledge and client relationship management. My adaptability to varying consumer needs while upholding high company standards fits perfectly in any dynamic retail setting.

Previous Brands
Astrid and Miyu (Selfridges)
Work Experience
Athlete (Sales Associate)
Apr ‘23 - Now

Working within a global and successful company like Nike aided in the expansion and perfection of my retail skills. The job required huge amounts of product knowledge to truly connect with athletes on a day-to- day basis. The role allowed me to flourish with retail experience but also learn tasks such as organizing stock and changing displays based on events/seasons. Moreover, I got the opportunity to be fully immersed within athleisurewear, recognizing different consumers needs and tailoring each approach whilst also reaching the company's KPI's and my personal goals.

Jewellery Stylist
Oct ‘22 - Apr ‘23
Astrid and Miyu (Selfridges)

Within the role of a Jewellery Stylist at A&M I expanded my knowledge on materials, styles and the retail industry. A main part of the job is connections with clients, I've refined my communication skills to create a relationship with our consumers which, within Selfridges, was a large variety. Additionally, with the volume of interactions the concession experienced daily, there was a key emphasis on delivering the brands philosophy which was key for our service.

Jan ‘21

A growing skill for attention to detail was maximised through my role as a barista. My job included being part of a team and communicating effectively within it and dealing with busy services in high pressure times whilst paying exceptional attention to detail. Additionally, resolving complaints and handling bills/payments. This is useful as now in busy periods or tricky situations I can organize myself, compose my thoughts and quickly think of the best solution that priorities the correct tasks whilst under pressure.

Production Assistant/ Model

Assisted in aspects of production, including pre-production and on-set support. Additionally displayed the Brands Aesthetic and tailored decoration and styling to contribute. Whilst also managing and organizing props, costumes, and equipment to maintain a seamless production process.


A photogropher's personal endeavour - Styled, assisted and modelled on a shoot titled "Appropriate Sportswhere", a project based on creativity and irregularity. Found on www.scarlet green.com

Retail Experience
Client Help
Complaint handling
Client Advising
Returns & Exchanges
Product setup
Stockroom management
Open/closing store
Stock control
Product labelling
Store Maintenance
Education & Training
Esher College
AAA - A- Levels
University of the Arts
Current BA Fashion Marketing student Year