Bruna Guarizo



Bruna Guarizo

Senior Brand Designer

Current Location

São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

Bruna is available for work

Hey there!

I'm Bruna Guarizo, a graphic designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. 

I'm graduated in Graphic Design from ESPM-SP and postgraduate in Branding from IADE - European University.

Also, I study a little bit of social media, digital marketing, user experience and motion, always seeking to improve the different areas that can complement the design. 

In more than 5 years of career, I worked across different areas of design including branding, graphic design, social media, editorial, digital, motion and campaigns. 

I've had the pleasure of working with brands such as Group Hering, Coca-Cola, Pomarola, Dasa, Conta Simples, Rumbazo, Casual Exame, Goomer, Latitud and many other amazing brands.

I'll be happy to be part of your project. If you want know more about
me and my work, just send me a message :)

  • Brands Bruna has worked with
    • Brand Gym
    • Bowler
    • Epigram Superunion
    • Revista Vip
  • Bruna's past titles
    • Womenswear Designer
    • Art Director
    • Designer
    • Intern
Work Preference
Location Preference

Open to relocation

Work Pattern

Open to Full time or Part time work

Employment Preference
  • Freelance Assignments
  • Hourly Consulting
  • Permanent Positions

- Brand Designer

Brand Gym

Jul 2020 - Present

- Art Director


Jul 2019 - Jul 2020

- Junior Designer

Epigram Superunion

Jan 2018 - Jun 2019

- Intern

Revista Vip

Feb 2017 - Dec 2017

  • Branding


  • Branding & Identity


  • Brand Design


  • Corporate Branding


  • Creative Strategy


  • Social Media


  • Editorial


  • Graphic Design



Work Proficiency



Not specified.

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