Sasi Kumar Shankar



Sasi Kumar Shankar

Graphic designer

Current Location

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Sasi Kumar is available for work

Experienced Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry. Skilled in Customer Service, Sales, Visual Design, and Adobe Creative Suite. Strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Science in Design and Visual Communications.

  • Brands Sasi Kumar has worked with
    • Self Employed
    • Digidelight Technologies Private Limited
    • Flyerz Dance Company
    • Joy Crizildaa Signature
    • Winsols Studios Private Limited
    • Lasso and Marquee Design Solutions
    • Sathyam Television
    • Bindal Group
Work Preference
Location Preference

Open to relocation

Work Pattern

Open to Full-time work

Employment Preference
  • Permanent Positions

Graphic Designer

Bindal Group

May 2021 - Present

Graphic Designer

Self Employed

Jan 2013 - Present

Posters, Typography, Social media marketing

Graphic Designer

Digidelight Technologies Private Limited

Mar 2021 - Apr 2021

Creative Director

Flyerz Dance Company

Nov 2018 - Jan 2021

Manager, Social media marketing, Posters, Typography

Store Manager

Joy Crizildaa Signature

Sep 2017 - Oct 2018

Stylist, Design assistant, Purchasing, Sales,

  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Adobe Illustrator


  • Adobe Premiere Pro


  • After Effects


  • Google Forms


  • Google Sheets



Work Proficiency



University of Madras

BSc - Bachelor of Science

Visual Communications

2013 to 2016

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