Lina Rekkas

Sophisticated sales maestro excels in retail, infusing passion for excellence, revenue, and brand elevation.

With solid experience as a Sales Assistant, I excel in delivering top-notch customer service and possess deep knowledge of companies products. Skilled in handling cash transactions and thriving in fast-paced settings, I'm adaptable, committed to efficiency, and safety. Fluent in Algerian Arabic and English.

Previous Brands
Co-op Kensal Green NW10 5NY
Poke House
Work Experience
Sales Assistant
Sep ‘23 - Feb ‘24

• Worked collaboratively with team members to achieve common goals and enhance overall store efficiency. • Demonstrated exceptional customer service skills through personalised interactions and effective problem-solving. • Acquired in-depth knowledge of M&S Food products, enabling me to provide accurate information and recommendations to customers. • Stayed updated on new arrivals and promotions to enhance the shopping experience for customers. • Thrived in a fast-paced retail environment by quickly adapting to changing circumstances and priorities and, successfully handled various roles within the store, showcasing versatility and a willingness to take on new challenges. • Managed cash transactions accurately and efficiently, ensuring a secure and reliable financial process. • Proactively adhered to company policies and procedures, ensuring a safe experience for both customers and colleagues. • Utilised clear and concise communication to relay information, ensuring a seamless flow of tasks and responsibilities. • Adapted quickly to the use of point-of-sale systems and other technology tools to streamline transactions and enhance operational efficiency. • Thrived in a dynamic work environment by balancing customer service, stocking, and other duties seamlessly. • Developed strong relationships with repeat customers, fostering loyalty and contributing to a positive store atmosphere.

Hospitality Staff
Sep ‘21 - Nov ‘21
Poke House

• Maintained a hygienic kitchen by regularly mopping and disinfecting the workspace and washing all utensils and dishes to ensure all staff members are sufficiently supplied with cutlery and dishes. • Achieved optimal customer service by preparing tables and communicating with co-workers to deliver the food items within 1 minute to the customers' tables. • Worked in accordance with all health and safety standards to promote wellness and enjoyable dining experience. • Prepared and up-sold additional beverages such as coffee, alcohol and fountain drinks to increase the restaurants profit. • Took necessary steps to meet customer needs and effectively resolve food or service issues. • Resolved customer concerns and relayed relevant information to supervisors. • Checked and recorded temperatures of the refrigerator and freezer daily to protect food from spoilage. • Completed prepping, cleaning and other kitchen duties to support the staff and myself when cooking. • Created aesthetically pleasing poke bowls. • Helped train new staff members.

Entrepreneur in masks
Mar ‘20 - Aug ‘20
LinaShield Pro Medical Supplies

• Ran a mask business by commuting to different pharmacies and stores pitching the service I have to offer. • Effectively negotiated a good price for the product that suits both me and clients. • Identify, engage, and build relationships with strategic partners that advanced the business.

Sales Assistant (Work Experience)
Feb ‘20 - Mar ‘20
Co-op Kensal Green NW10 5NY

• Developed the skills needed to fix issues within the store by constantly re-stacking food when needed. • Ensure 100% satisfaction by promptly processing orders and requests from the customers. • Followed store guidelines and food safety protocols. • Cooperated with all store employees and followed directions. • Applied great attention to detail to thoroughly and accurately complete tasks. • Performed all store duties in accordance with all regulations as they pertain to front-end operations. • Consistently maintained a clean, neat, organised and safe work environment. • Serving customers on the checkouts, ensuring they receive an easy, seamless and personalised experience. • Created and built product displays, ensured proper fronting of products, and handled product damages and credits according to company policy.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Department store
High street store
Travel retail
Shopping centre
Product Category
Beauty & Fragrances
Leather goods
Watches & Jewelry
Client Help
Client Advising
Cash register
Product demos
Product labelling
Product setup
Stock control
Health & safety
Open/closing store
Stockroom management
Order preparation
Education & Training
Royal Holloway University of London September
‘23 - ‘24
LLB in Law with a year in Industry
Paddington Academy
‘21 - ‘23
A Level in Psychology, Business and Art
Paddington Academy
‘16 - ‘23
GCSEs in English, Math, Science, Art, Religious Studies, History and Spanish