Revathi Varsani

Aspiring Pharmacist

With a background as a sales associate at Remedy's Pharmacy, I have developed strong customer service and public speaking skills. My voluntary roles have bolstered my teamwork abilities, making me adaptable in dynamic retail environments.

Work Experience
Dec ‘23 - Now
Friends for Moorfield's

Through this experience I can build skills required to work as a pharmacist. I also have the opportunity to understand what working in the healthcare sector is like and interact with patients and help them when required.

Dental Shadowing
Feb ‘23 - Feb ‘23
Dental Beauty Battersea

Through this day of shadowing, I was able to observe general dental checkups and treatments like Invisalign consultations, fillings, and crown prep. This experience helped me to gain a further understanding of the life of a dentist and how each patient's treatment is unique.

Dental Shadowing
Dec ‘22 - Dec ‘22
Harrow Weald Dental Practice

Through this opportunity I was able to see firsthand what the day in the life of a dentist is like. This experience was eye-opening and helped to ensure I'm confident with dentistry as a career I would like to go into. My time at the practice taught me how to treat patients, challenges faced with patients as well as the communication and people skills needed for the job ad having the patients trust is a key part to being a good dentist. Revathi Varsani

Part time Job
Jul ‘22 - Aug ‘23
Remedy's Pharmacy/ Audley Pharmacy

Through this job I can understand what a job in retail entails and can practice my public speaking skills and customer service skills. Along with knowledge of key employability and transferable skills, as well as a sound awareness of employer expectations.

Oct ‘21 - Nov ‘21

Through this opportunity I gained an understanding of the inner workings and concepts related to Dentistry and the ability to identify the skills needed to pursue a career in this sector aby completing activities and gaining a better understanding of the career pathways within Dentistry.

Sep ‘19 - Oct ‘19

I assisted on the temple team, and I helped to teach children about the festival of Navratri. Through this experience I have been able to develop my teamwork and cooperation skills alongside my public speaking skills.

Sep ‘19 - Sep ‘19

During this experience, I helped to set up a local community event and, on the day, I welcomed VIP guests and toured them around the event. Through this experience, I have gained confidence and have had the opportunity to practice my public speaking skills.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Product Category
Beauty & Fragrances
Client Help
Client Advising
Cash register
Product setup
Product labelling
Stockroom management
Stock control
Order preparation
Store Maintenance
Health & safety