Tiphaine le Mao

Fashion Design Student, London College of Fashion
Previous Brands
Louis Vuitton
Work Experience
Jun ‘22 - Sep ‘22
Louis Vuitton

As a full time sales advisor for Louis Vuitton in Paris , I have learned many skills related to hospitality and customer service. Indeed working in Galeries Lafayette, the biggest department store in Paris, I have learned to work well under pressure and with an extremely high volume of international clients under a competitive atmosphere. I was trained to be professional and friendly and to deliver the clients a magical and personal experience at Louis Vuitton, by performing an impeccable sale. Moreover, I have become accustomed to process large transactions, make tax free papers, keep the visual merchandising impeccable and serving complimentary drinks. In my opinion the most important skill in retail is to make each sale personal and relevant to the type of client I am faced with. I also believe in not only focusing on sales but also on keeping the stick clean and the store immaculate as well as knowing the products. I have managed to accumulate all of these skills during this retail experience and have enjoyed it tremendously !

unpaid internship
Mar ‘19 - Mar ‘19

As a high school student, I had the opportunity to spend a week as an intern in the Chanel Pret a porter atelier located at the Chanel headquarters, Rue Cameron in Paris. Since I already had a great interest in fashion and luxury, this week was a dream come true for me. I saw the famous stairs Coco Chanel watched her shows from, and was immersed in the daily life of an atelier. During my time with then team, I discovered all the work involved in the making of a collection and saw the making of runway clothes which was truly fascinating.

English - Fluent
French - Fluent
German - Basic
Education & Training
London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London
‘22 - ‘23
Foundation degree
Dual Diploma, le HighBac = Bac + High School Diploma by Academica International Study
‘20 - ‘22
High School Diploma
Lycee Albert de Mun
‘15 - ‘22
High School Diploma
London, UK