Aidan Ogbechie

Aspiring bartender

With a robust foundation in customer service from my roles as a Lifeguard and Performance Coach, I excel in delivering exceptional service and fostering positive relationships. My adaptability and proactive approach make me an excellent fit for dynamic retail environments, where I can apply my skills in greeting, complaint handling, client advising, and inventory control.

Previous Brands
Haringey Aquatics
Perform Better
Work Experience
Nov ‘22 - Aug ‘23
Haringey Aquatics

• Ensure the safety of pool users by vigilantly monitoring activities and responding swiftly to emergencies. • Implement and enforce safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries. • Provide exceptional customer service by addressing inquiries and concerns of patrons. • Collaborate with team members to maintain a clean and organised facility. • Conduct regular inspections of the pool area to identify and resolve any safety hazards.

Parkour Coach
Sep ‘20 - Apr ‘23
Perform Better

• Conducted engaging and informative parkour training sessions for individuals and groups. • Fostered a supportive and motivating environment, ensuring the safety and progress of participants. • Developed personalised training plans based on individual skill levels and goals. • Effectively communicated complex techniques in a clear and understandable manner. • Managed administrative tasks, including scheduling, equipment maintenance, and client inquiries.

Retail Experience
Complaint handling
Client Advising
Product setup
Product labelling
Inventory control
Health & safety
Education & Training
London South Bank University
‘23 - ‘27
Bachelor's Degree with Honours,
St Ignatius College
‘21 - ‘23
St Ignatius College
‘16 - ‘21
10 GCSE's