Aidan McKelvey

Assistant Consultant

An ambitious, eager-to-learn, young man aspiring to gain experience and succeed in different industries including - but not exclusive to - sales, marketing, hospitality, retail and healthcare. A flexible, reliable and responsible individual focused on consistently surpassing daily-set objectives whilst maintaining both professionalism and a consistently high work ethic. A proactive and self motivated extrovert who aspires to be the best in all that they pursue. An all-round promising prospect who excels in multitasking and time management.

Previous Brands
Fenwick Ltd., Brent Cross Shopping Centre
Iceland Foods Ltd, Edgware
Xcelerate Gyms, Edgware
Work Experience
Retail Assistant
Sep ‘23 - Now
Iceland Foods Ltd, Edgware

• Operated cash registers with proficiency during high-volume shopping times, reducing customer queues and providing a relaxed customer experience. • Processed cash, credit and debit payments accurately and efficiently, minimising till discrepancies. • Maintained a tidy work area and regularly cleaned the shop floor, meeting and exceeding company regulations. • Continuously updated product knowledge to offer sound, professional customer advice. • Prepared products for sales floor, presenting ítems immaculately for appealing displays. • Dealt with requests swiftly and efficiently to maximise customer experience. • Utilised my sales skills to build rapport with customers and reminding them of the stores promotions to drive sales and customer satisfaction.

Sales Consultant /
Aug ‘23 - Sep ‘23
Xcelerate Gyms, Edgware

• Been responsible for generating leads, identifying and contacting potential customers (via call, email and SMS), assisting in the decision-making process for hesitant clients, and closing sales. • Treated prospects with courtesy and excellent communication, even in spite of a potential language barrier when cooperating with people of diverse backgrounds on a daily basis. • Spontaneously generated leads from the general public, and strongly adapted to spontaneous walk-ins to produce sales. • Maintained a strong sense of teamwork with the sales team and applied healthy competition when necessary e.g competing in exceeding targets, showing major self-motivation. • Ensured a fun and seamless quality experience for potential customers, guests and loyal members. • Prospered in managing bookings, checking members in and out while treating them with spectacular hospitality, showing walk-ins around the gym and resolving any customer issues or complaints.

Sales Advisor / Warehouse Operative
Sep ‘22 - Feb ‘23
Fenwick Ltd., Brent Cross Shopping Centre

• Clearly and coherently explained the value of different products and their beneficial features to drive sales. • Promoted current campaigns and offers to exceed store profit targets. • Gave excellent advice to customers to achieve consistently high sales. • Successfully adapted my sales approach based on a customer's individual needs in order to achieve high rates of customer satisfaction. • Performed warehouse inventory controls via mobile scanners and computers. • Collected items from the shop floor and throughout the warehouse to prepare and dispatch online orders for delivery or pickup, according to a schedule. • Supported team development by sharing constructive feedback with my colleagues, in turn improving staff performance. • Maintained a strong professional morale and a consistently high work ethic under the overwhelming pressures of an excessive demand for online orders, especially during the Christmas period. • Assisted with the loading and unloading of vehicles for dispatched orders and the checking in of stock. Regularly counted stock, completed location checks and sorted items onto their respective racks or shelves to sustain good organisation.

Retail Experience
Store Approvals
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Department store
Shopping centre
High street store
Product Category
Client Help
Cash register
Online orders fulfilment
Product demos
Inventory control
Product labelling
Delivery processing
Stockroom management
Stock control
Order preparation
Store Maintenance
Product setup
Education & Training
Hendon School
‘21 - ‘23
Hendon School NW4
‘20 - ‘21