Mia Ferraris

Visual Merchandiser

A young enthusiastic girl, who studied visual arts at college, As well as working in retail & hospitality jobs along side her course and is looking to develop her skills and knowledge.. While studying fashion for 3 years, Mia has worked in customer service since she left school 6years ago and has worked in both retail & hospitality. Here is a very brief list of some of the skills she has picked up along the way; customer service, team leader duties, admin responsibility, visual merchandising, money handling, till management, working in a team, food & hygiene, traveling the world whilst working, working in tv, film & music.

Previous Brands
Nsw/ stage miracles
Red Chutney Catering
The Perfume Shop
Waddesdon Manor
Wild rainbow music
Work Experience
Supervisor / pop up shop
Oct ‘21 - Jan ‘22
John Lewis & Partners

In a short time working as a supervisor for a pop up shop in John Lewis, some of the duties I carried out was managing a small team on a concession, focused on hitting daily/weekly/monthly sales targets and KPI's. Working with deadlines, staff rotas, visual merchandising and replenishing. I also carried out admin, such as answering emails, attending conferences calls and meetings and liaising with John Lewis management.

Front of house TEAM LEADER
Jan ‘21 - Now
Red Chutney Catering

I have worked for red chutney for 2 years, In those 2 years I have worked on many films & tv series. Day to day we serve breakfast & lunch for anything between 50-1000 crew, sometimes with more then 1 service point. My job is too lead the FOH team to make sure every service runs smoothly this would include ordering food, dealing with Ads, cast pre orders, load ins & outs, prepping food, writing menus, updating all the relevant groups on allergens and Working with everyone from chefs to production.

Jul ‘20 - Aug ‘21

A brief description of duties carried out in this job are, managing a team and running the store alone as well as lone trading. Opening and closing the store, cashing up, banking and end & start of day paper work. Answering emails, attending conference calls, making plans and jobs lists for me and the team, working to deadlines and time schedules. Keeping everything in the store running smoothly, working as part of a team, keeping customers happy and offering exceptional customer service at all times. Eat Your heart out FOH/ Mtv awards / jingle bell ball In November 2021 I traveled to Budapest to work on the Mtv awards for 2 weeks serving over 1000 people each service, loading in and out of the venue, setting up for lunch & dinner service with quick turnarounds,,setting up/ refilling tea & coffee stations, writing menu boards, helping chefs with prep and working in a big team.

Visual merchandiser
Jan ‘20 - Jul ‘20

A short summary of some of the day to day tasks And duties I did in this role at Debenhams, from window changes, painting, signage, running my own floor on merchandising standards. I also Worked in a marvellous team, signed off deliveries, redressed & styled mannequins, hotspots and displays.

Visual merchandiser
Aug ‘19 - Dec ‘19

In the short amount of time I was at topshop in London Knightsbridge (due to travel costs) I loved every minute of working as a visual merchandiser in the city, the tasks I carried out in this role was, merchandising windows, displays, mannequins and hotspots. I also cooperated in floor moves, replenished stock and worked in a hard working team for quick turn arounds.

Visual merchandiser
Nov ‘18 - Aug ‘19
House of Fraser

This was my first visual merchandising role (part time) I did this role along side my college course which made me learn the most about fashion retail & merchandising being hands on with all the skills I had learned from college. The day to day tasks I did at this job was, floor checks, Windows, mannequins and hotspots styling. Admin role, answering emails, attending conference calls weekly, basic word and PowerPoint presentations, organising paper work and merchandising rooms. Working on the till and with customers.

Sales assistant
Oct ‘17 - Apr ‘18
The Perfume Shop

This was my first retail job,I was a Christmas temp that got extended for maternity. in this role I, sold merchandise, replenished stock, visual merchandising, gift wrapping, price changes and managing a till and supervising the store alone.

Apr ‘17 - Sep ‘17
Nsw/ stage miracles

I took part in this summer job to experience some new skills and try out a different style of working. I worked back stage in arenas and stadiums for some amazing artists including, Beyoncé, jay z, Eminem, Justin timberlake, Katy Perry… and many more. This role was a great summer job and gave me new skills in time management, long hours of working, patience and professionalism as well as many skills of working in a kitchen.

Front of
Jan ‘17 - Feb ‘23
Wild rainbow music

In the 5 years I have worked for wild rainbow music (agency) I have worked for many different company's in the catering industry. In this time I carried out many different jobs ranging from tv & film & music events which some have consisted of traveling. I first started of being a KP and worked my way up to FOH. I have worked on jobs such as the Beijing Olympics, jingle bell ball, fast & furious movie, magic Mike the movie, the Brit awards and so on. In these jobs I have served 1000s of people whilst working in a team, loading in & out of venues, taking pre orders for cast, vips & production, setting up with quick turn arounds, moving locations daily, prepping food, helping in the kitchen, working inside & outside & in arenas.

Oct ‘16 - Oct ‘17
Waddesdon Manor

In this role I learned how to run an afternoon tea room and silver service skills, I managed a till and money handling, serving food and drink to customers, took orders and bookings over the phone.

Retail Experience
Store Approvals
House of Fraser
John Lewis
Retail Category
High street
High-end luxury
Work Environment
Department store
Shopping centre
Flagship store
High street store
Product Category
Watches & Jewelry
Client Help
Complaint handling
Product demos
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
Product labelling
Inventory control
Delivery processing
Stockroom management
Store Maintenance
Order preparation
Stock control
Product setup