Elisa Walter

Artist, Fashion Illustrator & Textile Print Designer
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I started to study fashion at 16, learning to sew and to make clothes in the region I am originally from in France, before moving to Paris. My purpose has always been to draw; I studied fashion design and got a diploma of Styliste/Designer. Still in Paris, I worked as a leather fashion designer for a French brand and as a stylist for French TV before leaving La Ville Lumière for the Italian fashion capital, as I really love Italian atmosphere, culture and language. Since then, I am based in Milan and do what I am most passionate about; in other words, drawing and painting. There, I decided to set up my own business to put my passion for hand drawn illustration at the service of companies and have since worked on various projects related to illustration and textile print design. In illustration, I like to dwell on the details and use the patience required as a meditative exercise to always remain in a state of inner peace and calm. I define my art as being fine and delicate. My beloved techniques are pencil - very well sharpened -, watercolor and ink. Feel free to contact me to talk about these topics, to ask me any question regarding my work and to discuss a possible collaboration!

Previous Brands
ICC Luxury Design
Territoire Redskins
Work Experience
Artist, Textile Print Designer & Representative of ICC in France
Jan ‘23 - Now
ICC Luxury Design

I am now partenering with ICC Insubriae Contract Couture as part of the fashion consultancy team and as the company's representative for the French language.

Artist, Fashion Illustrator & Textile Print Designer
May ‘21 - Now
Self employed

English: ► Creation of hand drawn print designs for Koré Collections. ► Creation of hand drawn all-over print designs for INDY sagl. ► ‘Ultramarine’ Fida X Miami Fashion Arts Summer Exhibition 2021: exhibition of my artworks during summer 2021. ► ‘ARS TEMPUS’ Exhibition organised by Art Space Milano: exhibition of my artworks during June, 2022. ► Collaboration with a French stationer's brand: illustration and design of their products. ► Design and creation of the Collection Book for Lara Chamandi. S.r.L. and support to design department. ► Design of the book cover of "Happiness is within you" by Marcelle Auclair. Italiano : ► Creazione di motivi tessili disegnati a mano per Koré Collections. ► Creazione di motivi tessili disegnati a mano per INDY sagl. ► Mostra ‘ARS TEMPUS’ presso Hub/Art Milano : esposizione delle mie opere durante il mese di giugno 2022. ► Mostra ‘Ultramarine’ a Miami : esposizione delle mie opere durante l’estate 2021. ► Collaborazione con una marca francese di cancelleria : illustrazione delle copertine dei loro prodotti. ► Design e creazione del Collection Book per Lara Chamandi. S.r.L. e supporto all’ufficio stile. ► Illustrazione della copertina del libro ‘La felicità è dentro di voi’ di Marcelle Auclair. Français : ► Création de motifs textiles faits à la mains pour Koré Collections. ► Création de motifs textiles faits à la mains pour INDY sagl. ► Exposition "ARS TEMPUS" organisée par Art Space Milano à la galerie Hub/Art : exposition de mes oeuvres pendant le mois de juin 2022. ► Exposition "Ultramarine" Fida X Miami Fashion Arts Summer Exhibition 2021 : exposition de mes oeuvres. ► Collaboration avec une société papetière française : illustration et design des couvertures de leurs produits. ► Design graphique et création du Collection Book pour Lara Chamandi S.r.L et aide au bureau de style. ► Illustration de la couverture du livre "Le bonheur est en vous" de Marcelle Auclair, éditions italiennes et anglaises.

Stylist TV
Aug ‘18 - Aug ‘19

English : ► Styling for the weekly French TV program Quotidien avec Yann Barthès, for the Martin Weill's shows and other TV program from Bangumi production. Italiano : ► Gestione stilistica del programma televisivo Quotidien avec Yann Barthès ; prima serata Transpi con Etienne Carbonnier ; prima serata Soirée pyjama avec Vincent Dedienne ; del programma televisivo con Martin Weill. Français : ► Gestion du stylisme des émissions Quotidien avec Yann Barthès ; du prime Transpi avec Etienne Carbonnier ; du prime Soirée pyjama avec Vincent Dedienne ; des émissions de Martin Weill. Meno dettagli

Leather Fashion Designer Assistant
Apr ‘17 - Aug ‘18
Territoire Redskins

English : ► Work with design team and leather artistic director. ► Validation of factories. ► Development of fabrics, skins and accessories. ► Creation of color range. ► Realization of technical drawings, technical files and size measurement boards. ► Checking and validation of prototypes. ► Progressive realization of the collection board. ► Involvment in meeting of the collection presentation. Italiano : ► Lavoro con l'ufficio stile e la direzione artistica della collezione in pelle. ► Scelta delle struture produttive. ► Scelta e ottimizzazione delle pelli e degli accessori. ► Definizione della gamma dei colori. ► Realizzazione dei disegni tecnici e dei fogli tecnici e definizione analitica delle misure. ► Commissione, monitoraggio, ricezione, controllo e convalida dei prototipi. ► Realizzazione progressiva del piano di produzione. ► Partecipazione alle riunioni di presentazione della collezione. Français : ► Participation aux réunions de lancement de collection. ► Analyse et respect du rétro-planning. ► Définition de l'orientation de la stratégie de collection. ► Définition et validation des usines de production. ► Participation aux rendez-vous avec les sous-traitants et aux salons professionnels. ► Analyse et prévision des tendances. ► Création de mood boards. ► Développement des fournitures et accessoires. ► Dessin à plat, recherche et proposition de croquis. ► Création des dossiers techniques. ► Lancement et suivi des prototypes. ► Gestion des relations avec les fournisseurs. ► Élaboration du plan de collection. ► Mise en couleur des modèles validés et lancés en production. ► Préparation du book de collection. ► Participation aux réunions de présentation de collection auprès des agents. Meno dettagli

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Italian - Fluent
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Mode Estah
‘18 - ‘19
Master II
Mode Estah
‘15 - ‘18
Lycée Blaise Pascal, Colmar
‘13 - ‘15
Baccalauréat Professionnel Métiers de la mode - vêtements