Nabeeha Jalil

passionate and hardworking

A seasoned retail professional, I've honed my skills in customer service and sales across various high-end retailers like Harrods. Excelling in inventory management, merchandising and thriving under pressure, I bring adaptability to different retail environments and a strong commitment to outstanding service.

Previous Brands
Bright Horizons
Islamic Help
Stephanie Jackson Recruitment
Twisty Tails nursery
Work Experience
Jun ‘22 - Feb ‘23
Stephanie Jackson Recruitment

Whilst working at Stephanie Jackson within retail, my responsibilities extended beyond mere sales. Immersed in a customer-centric environment, I was entrusted with understanding and anticipating shopper needs, ensuring that their journey from entry to purchase was seamless and memorable. I joined the power of merchandising, arranging products to capture attention and drive sales, while also managing inventory levels to ensure optimal stock availability. My role demanded adaptability, often switching from a sales representative to a problem-solver, addressing customer queries and concerns. The rapid technological progression in the sector also meant that I was actively involved in integrating digital tools, from e-commerce platforms to customer relationship management systems. This confluence of direct customer interactions and digital interfaces endowed me with a unique skill set, making me proficient in both traditional and modern retail practices. The retail world, with its challenges and rewards, has shaped me into a versatile and resilient professional, capable of navigating the fluctuating streams of consumer demand.

Sales Associate
Jun ‘21 - Jan ‘24

• Working in various departments that ranges from womenswear to menswear, allowing further understanding of different clients and their needs. • Stock inventory, sales, and till-trained.

Sales Associate
Jun ‘21 - Apr ‘22

Job responsibilities: • Actively engaged with customers daily, providing product knowledge, and assisting in the selection process to drive sales. • Consistently met and exceeded monthly sales targets by 15%, recognized as "Employee of the Month" • Managed inventory and ensured stock levels were maintained, reducing stock discrepancies • Collaborated closely with a diverse team, participating in monthly team-building activities and training new employees. • Navigated the challenges of peak sales periods by employing effective time-management and multi-tasking skills. • Benefited from a mentorship program, learning advanced sales techniques and customer interaction strategies. ELITE ASSOCIATES (HARRODS) JUNE 2021- APRIL 2022 At Harrods, I had the privilege of serving as a luxury sales associate where I working in various departments. This illustrious environment exposed me to an international clientele with discerning tastes and high expectations. My role involved providing bespoke shopping experiences, especially for VIP clients, requiring a balance of extensive product knowledge, tact, and the utmost discretion. Throughout my tenure, I underwent rigorous training programs to master the intricacies of various brands. The challenges of this position, particularly during peak tourist seasons, honed my skills in delivering unparalleled service under pressure, ensuring that every client left with a piece of the luxury and heritage that Harrods embodies.

Jul ‘17 - Aug ‘17
Twisty Tails nursery

My work placement at Twisty Tails nursery was for one week. My responsibilities included assisting staff with various admin duties, helping staff make displays of children's artwork, helping with break and lunchtime duties this included assisting children with understanding their work and activities, I also had specific responsibility to make sure the classroom was clean, and everything was put away correctly so there weren't any health hazards. I got the children's drinks and snacks ready for them and served it to them including engaging with the children (ages 1-5) by playing with them and sorting out any arguments they might have had in a fair manner.

Apr ‘19

In the summer of 2018, I was involved in selling Camelicious products (ice creams, milks and cappuccinos) at Westfield's food festival. This entailed setting up the stand, engaging with customers by talking about the products, setting up taste tests and selling the products. As I am an organized individual, I always enjoyed keeping our stand clean and organized. I thoroughly enjoyed this work over 2 days as I met different people from different backgrounds, selling a new product for the first time and receiving very positive feedback on the service and products we provided.

Mar ‘19
Islamic Help

I have also had the experience of helping my aunt to produce chocolate advent calendars for retail in various UK supermarkets. This process started from assembling boxes to filling, packaging and labelling them. Each process was time consuming and required patience, organizational and managing skills to complete the tasks effectively. This experience was thoroughly enjoyable yet hugely beneficial for me. It taught me how to manage my time effectively to prioritize workloads and to complete work in a high standard. As this work involved working in a team, I learnt how to communicate clearly, delegate and organize work systems and to understand the dynamics and challenges of different personalities that you must deal with. CHARITY COMMITTEE/ ISLAMIC HELP MARCH 2019 I was led in raising money to aid the people benefitting from the work we did. I was also responsible in training and guiding younger students to help and donate to our cause such as organizing extensive events, for example sponsored expeditions and distance walks.

Bright Horizons

Whilst working at Bright horizons one of my roles consisted of supporting the teachers during sessions, providing one to-one support to children when required and helping to maintain behavioural standards to minimise any disruption, this included assisting kids with special educational needs. Through working at this nursery setting this helped me improve on vital skills such as patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations including an increase in confidence through delivering and interacting with the different age groups.

Retail Experience
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High street
High-end luxury
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Department store
Shopping centre
Flagship store
High street store
Returns & Exchanges
Cash register
Product labelling
Delivery processing
Order preparation
Studied Together - sales assistant , Stephanie Jackson Recruitment
Jun 2022 - Feb 2023

I wholeheartedly recommend Nabeeha.She is an exceptional communicator, adept at connecting with customers and ensuring their satisfaction. Nabeeha brings reliability, adaptability, and a strong work ethic to the table. She is a team player who maintains a clean, organized store and supports colleagues, i strongly believe she would be an invaluable addition to your team, consistently exceeding expectations.

Education & Training
Stanmore College
‘18 - ‘20