Yanis Mouhoub


Personal profile: My name is Yanis Mouhoub. I am a highly organized, energetic and ambitious person who has developed skills and gained knowledge through various of jobs. I have developed a responsible and mature approach to each task I undertake. I enjoy working in teams and completing tasks. I would say I am a very talkative person however, I can be a calm and patient individual. I love to help other people and give people general advice. I also once did work experience at savers slough. My roles included helping and looking after customers and making sure they receive excellent customer service. I would say overall I am a strong, hardworking individual who tries their best to work under pressure and loves to learn about different cultures and gain new skills.

Previous Brands
Thorp park
Legoland food and beverages
Work Experience
rides assistant
May ‘23 - Nov ‘23

• My job at thorp park was completely diferent from my previous jobs as it was an even bigger responsibility, this is where I would coordinate the rides and make sure everything was working fine so customers were able to have fun. This included working with the operator, batching people in, making sure the gates where closed and making sure nothing unusual was wrong and most importantly ensuring everyone's safety before I put my thumbs up so the ride can begin. I acquired many skills from this job and some are. Communicating with customers and better understanding there situation so I can help as there where many complaints. Following strict instructions from my manager as there where many health and safety risks so it was extremely important that I listened and learnt from my mistakes. Also I learnt the skill of staying calm in heated situations I learnt that it is better to be nicer and not aggravate the situation so we are able to get somewhere and help. What I most loved about this job was the community and healthy wonderful work environment. I made so many friends and it was just amazing to see so many amazing fun wonderful people all in one place. There was never a moment where I felt like this was boring because with them I was able to have a lot of fun while working.

May ‘23 - Nov ‘23

I work at Thorpe Park as a rides assistant but was open to more job roles and Thorpe Park management was able to offer that by giving me the option to do retail and simultaneously doing that and rides. this job was a generic retail job as it included stocking shelves, making sure customers are well taken care of, handling the tills and making sure the stores were working smoothly.

food and beverages
Feb ‘23 - Jun ‘23
LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

• My first job was working in Legoland Windsor resort . In this job I made sure that the department I was in was organised and quick when it came to serving customers. This job also came with advising customers on what they may like to eat since the menu was a typically different from a let's say McDonalds or Greggs. Not only have I engaged in generic conversations with customers but made sure that customers where happy and they were well looked after when it came to preparing there order. I made sure that I would come in to work on time and prepare myself for new challenges. The job also had us doing overtime and having us stay later to clean up and I was more than happy to.

Experienced Categories
High-end luxury
Experienced Work Environments
Department store
Shopping centre
Experienced Product Categories
Leather goods
Product setup
Product labelling
Inventory control
Delivery processing
Stockroom management
Stock control
Order preparation
Store Maintenance
Health & safety
Client Advising
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Education & Training
Uxbridge College
‘21 - ‘23
Level 3 business enterprise and marketing
Slough and Eton Church of England School
‘18 - ‘23
8 GCSE's A - B