Francesca Doyle


From 5th May

Francesca Doyle

Production & Sustainability Director

Current Location

London, UK

Francesca will be available from 5th May

I am an experienced Production Director , looking for new short or long term clients. I currently have 2 days per week available, which can be a more economical option for smaller brands who want experience but cant justify the 5 days a week cost.
Happy to answer any questions :)

  • Brands Francesca has worked with
    • the Vampires Wife.
    • ELLERY
    • Victoria Beckham Ltd.
    • Reiss Ltd.
    • Liberty Plc.
    • Ted Baker Plc.
    • Wolff Payne Associates
  • Francesca's past titles
    • Production Director
    • Supply Chain Director
    • Head Of Production
    • Head of Sourcing
    • Production Department Manager
    • Senior Coordinator
    • Assistant Production Manager
    • Production Coordinator
    • Product Assistant
Work Preference
Location Preference

Open to relocation

Work Pattern

Open to Part-time work

Employment Preference
  • Freelance Assignments
  • Hourly Consulting

Director of Production and Sustainability


Jul 2021 - Present

• Manage entire production and technical functions.
• Introduce new manufacturing capabilities where needed.
• Migrate supply chain to near shore model.
• Implement raw material testing pro...

Supply Chain Director

the Vampires Wife.

Jan 2019 - Apr 2021

Production, Development & Logistics.
•Review key supply chain functions such as calendar, fit approval, materials approval, pre-production, packaging, shipping to ensure maximum eficiencies and margi...

Head of Production


Feb 2018 - Jan 2019

Paris, France. Relocated from London to migrate the domestic program to a European model, over a 12-month period.
•Managing a team of 5 direct reports, and co-managing 3 product developers
•Source n...

Head of Production and Sourcing

Victoria Beckham Ltd.

Jan 2016 - Jan 2018

Managing a team of 8 direct reports and co-managing 4 product developers
•Continually explore new vendors to provide bench strength, anticipate attrition, and prepare for future business initiatives...

Production Manager

Victoria Beckham Ltd.

Jun 2011 - Dec 2015

Initially recruited to build the production department of the Victoria, Victoria collection in 2011, which included implementing below process: Planning of the yearly calendar, working with Sales team...

  • Sustainability Management


  • Supply Chain Consulting


  • Critical Path planning


  • Vendor Management


  • Global Sourcing


  • People Management


  • Industry Compliance




Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership.


Supply Chain Management

2021 to 2021

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