Aamira Hundal

Sales Associate

With a robust retail background at Selfridges, I excel in personalised service across fashion to food. Fluent in English and South Asian languages, my versatility enhances customer experiences. Skilled in bespoke services, sales, and client advising, I thrive in fast-paced luxury environments.

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Work Experience
Sales associate
Oct ‘23 - Dec ‘23

(Christmas temp) 10.2023 - 12.2023 I worked for Hampers and Food Concierge at Selfridges. I provide bespoke service to clients both domestic and corporate regarding hampers and gifting during the holiday season. I cater exclusively to high end perosnnel and provide one on one service throughout. i take clients all around the shop floor, help them with their needs and exclusively combine things just for them as they require, be it fashion, beauty and makeup or confectionery i know all the areas and can offer my service to the client in all. Being appointed by the Foods and Hampers team does not just constrain me to that department, i work on the main tills in the Selfridges Foodhall during busy house, i face up the stock on the floor, i was appointed as the Food and Hampers Sales Associate in the Selfridges VIP Lounge to offer exclusive service to our VIP customers and i also work on the Corporate Desk to carry out corporate and business large scale orders. I complete end of day reports whenever i am working the closing shift along with end of week reports on saturdays and i also perform cash up on the tills. Working in all these areas makes me a versatile sales associate who can fit in and help in any area required and give the high standard of luxury and exclusive service to the clients that they

Sales associate
Sep ‘22 - May ‘23

I worked as a sales associate for Barbour Menswear for about 8 months. Working in selfridges I was able to give clients the high quality and luxurious shopping experience the company stands for and learn about visual merchandise. During my role at barbour there were days it was just me working and i would manage the stock count, man the floor and cashier, set the visual merchandise, restock at the end of the day and manage the rewaxing station all by myself, so i'm very capable of handling the floor in any kind of situation. I used to cash up the tills on Saturdays as well. Reaching out to customers about their jackets and dealing with their orders was something i did on a daily basis and understanding customers despite the language barrier and helping them with their needs were all roles i took on during this job.

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High street
High-end luxury
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Department store
High street store
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Leather goods
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University of the Arts
Unknown - ‘24