Raghad Alkamas

Passionate about Marketing | Business Management BSc Graduate from University of Brighton

An enthusiastic, eager individual with the insatiable desire to learn. I can offer fresh and young perspectives to the workplace. Very adaptable to my environment and there's no challenge I would pass up. As an international student I can overcome barriers such as cultural barriers within the workplace and connect with customers that come from different ethnic backgrounds and make them feel welcome. In addition, I aim to utilise my skills to further the mission of the company I'm working at and use my self-driven passion and motivation to spread good moral in the workplace. My timings are flexible I have Wednesday and Friday free, as well as Monday's and Thursday's after 5pm, and Tuesday's up until 2PM, and the weekend off as well.

Previous Brands
Kreston KM
Work Experience
Auditor Intern
Sep ‘23 - Dec ‘23
Kreston KM

-Participate in planning and executed accounting audits to validate records and systems for compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS.) -Help teams strengthen internal controls and departmental processes to bring errors to near-zero. -Help compile and organise extracted data for review and analyses. -Help prepare comprehensive audit reports, facilitating accurate measurement of audit findings against set KPIs. -Participate in checking large and complex data sets to identify controls failures, fraud and concerning trends.

Retail Experience
Client Help
Complaint handling
Product demos
Client Advising
Returns & Exchanges
Product setup
Product labelling
Store Maintenance
Order preparation
Health & safety
Inventory control
Maha Mohammed
Direct manager - External Auditor , Kreston KM
Sep 2023 - Dec 2023

Ofcourse, Raghad was an exceptional addition to my team. She worked hard and showed high spirit in achieving all her given tasks. I would without a doubt choose her to be in my team in future if she would have us.

Education & Training
Coventry University London
‘24 - ‘24
Financial Technology
University of Brighton
‘20 - ‘23
Bachelor's degree