Abdul-Rehman Jeelani


I have experience at John Lewis & Partners and Aliya Hair and Beauty, excelling in customer service, team collaboration, and efficient task management. My roles have honed my skills in communication and adaptability, making me a valuable asset for temporary retail sales positions.

Previous Brands
Aliya Hair and Beauty
John Lewis & Partners
Work Experience
Stock operative
Nov ‘23 - Mar ‘24
John Lewis & Partners

Providing great customer service skills was a necessity, constantly talking to customers and making sure they were content with their service

Oct ‘19 - Oct ‘20
Aliya Hair and Beauty

and worked closely with hairdressing staff to prepare client wants and bookings - Managed seating allocations - Provided efficient customer service - Processed payments and cash input I was given the position to be a receptionist and communicate with clients, take bookings and work the tills. I participated in the day to day runnings of the hairdressers and liaised with the staff to ensure efficient working. I was also able to socialise and make good relationships with the staff which is a key skill that will translate into any working environment. I have also taken part in helping with youth clubs and organising events for the community. I have also helped in volunteering with the local charity shop. In doing this, I helped to decorate, manage and over-looked most tasks, and helped in the day-to-day running of the charity shop. I also had to help advertise these events and make sure that most of the community had received leaflets. This was able to boost my confidence as well as my team building skills from a young age. Lastly, I have worked as a runner/waiter at Gunpowder. This position allowed me to be as vigilant and active as possible as I have to keep watch of new orders, make sure orders are going to the correct tables and send next courses through the computer system as soon as I've seen someone finish their first course. This position has increased my social skills highly as I have to be active and talk to people a lot, showed me that I can also work great in a team by helping my other coworkers out when they are in need of a hand and they

Retail Experience
Store Approvals
John Lewis
Retail Category
High-end luxury
High street
Work Environment
Department store
High street store
Product Category
Client Help
Complaint handling
Returns & Exchanges
Cash register
Product labelling
Stockroom management
Senior colleague - Senior stockroom assistant, John Lewis & Partners
Nov 2023 - Mar 2024

He’s a very passionate and intelligent individual, keen to provide the best customer service. His dedication and effort is outstanding his drive will take him far and I think he would be a good fit for your company.

English - Fluent
Urdu - Fluent
Education & Training
Preston Manor
A -Level,