Tahir Twahir

Retail Assistant

I am a highly motivated and hardworking individual. I see myself as an extremely mature and dedicated individual who is seeking employment. approaching the end of my first year in a level, I have gained communication skills, working as a team with classmates. I also work efficiently and so will be able to cope in a fast paced work environment. In addition, punctuality and organization is essential. I am keen on continuing to learn new practical skills and so working would provide this opportunity for me to strive and help build my career.

Previous Brands
chopra and sons
Dixy Chicken
West Ham/Wembley Stadium
Work Experience
Bar staff
Jun ‘23 - Now
London Stadium

During the summer I took on shifts working in busy stadiums, some of the shifts I did was working as a Logistics Porter with this role I had to help deliver beer around the stadium to whichever kiosk needed it, doing this I further develop my teamwork skills. Also in West Ham and Wembley Stadium I had a bartending role which required me to interact with customers and make sure they had a good experience with their visit.

May ‘23 - Aug ‘23

During the summer I took on agency work at various festivals and events as a bartender. From the shifts I had done I was able to develop good communication skills not just with colleagues but customers and I was able to perform my job role to my peak efficiency. This included having a good relationship with any customer who wanted to make a purchase, ensuring they were open to all offers and items they could buy to ensure they had the best experience.

Front of house
Sep ‘22 - Sep ‘22

From September 2022 I worked throughout the year at a family owned company in which I had to help customers who entered the store, I had to manage tills and deliver great customer service and also deal with any problems that may have occurred if any.

Front of house
Jan ‘22 - Jan ‘23

Throughout the start of 2022 I took on a front of house role at Boots, in which similar to my other roles I had to work in a high paced environment to ensure customers were highly satisfied with their visit. i also managed tills and delivered customer advice and service to those who needed it

Front of house
Aug ‘21 - Aug ‘21
Dixy Chicken

In August last year I took on work in Dixy chicken where I had to deliver excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction plus ensuring I helped advise any customers who may have needed it.

Retail assistant
Jun ‘21 - Aug ‘21
chopra and sons

In June I took on a job at chopra and sons store. Which i was a sales assistant where I directed individuals to any items they may need and kept items stocked and presentable. I stacked shelves. Ensured customers were satisfied with their visit. Directed any customer enquiries.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
High street store
Product Category
Client Help
Complaint handling
Cash register
Product setup
Delivery processing
Order preparation
Open/closing store
Health & safety
Store Maintenance
Education & Training
Loxford School of Science and Technology
Unknown - ‘21