Nicole Fiamoncini

Sales Assistant

With extensive retail experience honed at Harrods, H&M and Sephora, I've excelled in customer-facing roles prioritising satisfaction. Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, my multitasking abilities coupled with strong sales skills make me adaptable across diverse retail environments.

Previous Brands
Diba Restaurant
Haché riverside social
Kaybridge Residential Estate Agent
Work Experience
Sales Assistant
Dec ‘23 - Now

Since working in Harrods It has improved my social skills and knowledge when it comes to customer facing roles. Working full time during the busiest season in a store like Harrods has developed my multi tasking skills in order to improve customer service like when I had to manage over 5 customers at the same time as well as ensuring everything around me is running smoothly and the customers were left satisfied and content. As well as this I believe that always having a smile and positive attitude even when facing difficulties with clients, customers or colleagues is important as being an employee at Harrods has taught me to always go above and beyond in all situations because nothing is impossible. I had worked in the gift shop , fromagerie and other areas of Harrods which improved my skills such as helping on tills accepting and processing cash, cheque, card and mobile payments ,assisting customers with signing up for store loyalty programmes and provided details about key benefits , used product knowledge, sales abilities and customer relations skills to drive substantial profit increases.

Sales Assistant
Nov ‘22 - Mar ‘23

Since working in H&M it has taught the importance of Customer satisfaction ensuring that their needs have been met as well as this I have learnt how to multi task whilst working during rush hours whether it's on tills serving customers or organizing the floor while still ensuring customers are satisfied Maintained, clean, presentable and stunning product displays by conducting routine visual merchandising tasks and deep cleans Received and inspected incoming shipments, recording inventory transactions with RF scanners to maintain accurate records Addressed and resolved complex customer complaints in calm, efficient and friendly manner Performed closing duties such as cleaning windows and floors, securing shop premises and cashing-up tills Maintained excellent visual merchandising standards by routinely cleaning and organizing window and point of sale (POS) displays Processed cash and card payments during busy shopping periods to minimize customer waiting times.

Aug ‘22 - Oct ‘22
Haché riverside social

Working at hache taught me how to work independently as well as with others during busy hours It has help improved my communication with customers from all different backgrounds and opinions as well as boosted my confidence in welcoming them and making sure they are satisfied at all time Throughout my time working in hache i had only worked their during summer and during this role it increased my knowledge and capability with taking orders and handling large tables whether it was for a celebration, family event or funerals Working there developed my team work skills and being able to effectively communicate and equally participate in decisions in order to operate safe and successfully.

Sales Assistant
Apr ‘22 - Aug ‘22

I had taken a trip to Portugal for 3 months and I was working in Sephora as a sales assistant and during this role I learnt the importance of customer service and this role had taught me a lot to know when working in retail such as : Providing helpful, attentive sales support to generate positive customer feedback Boosted sales and improved customer satisfaction by providing attentive, personalized client services Addressed and resolved complex customer complaints in calm, efficient and friendly manner Processed multiple daily stock deliveries to maintain accurate order numbers and inventory records I had also learnt to maintain my work surroundings by keeping everything organized and clean.

Waitress/ bar waitress
Oct ‘21 - Mar ‘22
Diba Restaurant

This was my first experience working as a waitress in the Persian restaurant Diba and during this role i had to learn to reach the restaurant expectations which involved having to learn their menu and drink menu, including the wine names and origins from memory As well as learning to adapt to a new culture and respect their beliefs and traditions This role improved my confidence in my self as well as when communicating with customers and others Communicating with all different types of customers and remaining calm and patient under all and any circumstance Discussed menu items and dietary concerns, noted special requests and suggested additional items to meet upsell goals Kept guest tables neat and tidy by regularly clearing away dirty dishes, used glasses and wiping down surfaces Checked in with customers during meals to check orders were received correctly and met guests' expectations Thoroughly cleaned dining areas, waiting areas and bathrooms to maintain guest comfort and hygiene Resolved guest complaints promptly and professionally, notifying restaurant management of concerns As well as working as a waitress i worked behind the bar and during this role i learnt to make new alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks quickly including having to make them under pressure during busy hours Prepared mixed drinks and poured wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks Collected, washed and put away glassware between guests Completed end-of-day cleanup to reset bar for next day.

Jan ‘20 - Apr ‘20
Kaybridge Residential Estate Agent

During this role i supported in the opening of the new company which included delivery of leaflets promoting the company and supported in engaging new customers door to door Welcomed guests and clients in upbeat and friendly manner Ran reception areas by greeting visitors and responding to telephone and in-person requests for information Developed my communications skills and understood the power of language as an effective advertising tool Met incoming customers with professional approach and provided friendly, knowledgeable assistance Answered and directed incoming calls to relevant staff members using multi-line telephone system

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High-end luxury
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High street store
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Holy Cross School
Media studies, Health and Social care, Sociology