Huda Salah

Professional,friendly,resilient and hardworking

I have volunteered at St Mary's Hospital, worked as a teaching assistant in many primary schools, tutored numerous young pupils and I also have a proven track record of retail experience. Through these experiences, I developed a wide range of skills and a strong work ethic. As a teaching assistant, I learnt to be patient, an essential attribute when dealing with customers or stressful situations in the workplace. I also gained valuable experience working with children, including those with special educational needs, and learnt how to work effectively in that type of setting. As a result, I am adaptable to any work environment. In addition, I acquired excellent communication skills during my time at the hospital, where I interacted with many patients. I can communicate effectively with co-workers, employers, and customers, and provide a positive customer experience through my approachable and friendly nature. I am also able to work in fast-paced settings, having learnt to work quickly and think on my feet in my previous experiences. My leadership skills, which I developed while working as a group leader at Camp Beaumont, would also make me an asset to any workplace. In my role at Tk maxx, I played a pivotal part in ensuring a seamless customer experience. Through effective communication and a keen understanding of customer needs, I consistently exceeded sales targets and contributed to the overall success of the store. My ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment and adapt to changing circumstances allowed me to efficiently handle various responsibilities, from managing inventory to assisting in visual merchandising. One of my key strengths lies in my excellent organizational skills. I implemented strategic inventory management procedures, reducing stock discrepancies and improving overall efficiency. This not only enhanced the store's performance but also showcased my analytical mindset and attention to detail. Collaboration is at the heart of my work ethos. I successfully worked alongside a diverse team, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. Through effective communication and team coordination, we achieved operational excellence, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business. My time at TK Maxx has not only equipped me with practical retail expertise but has also enhanced my interpersonal and problem-solving skills. I am now seeking to bring my passion for customer service and retail management to a dynamic and growth-focused environment.

Previous Brands
TK Maxx
Work Experience
Sales associate
Oct ‘23 - Now
The TJX Companies

Stocking Handling refunds and returns Merchandising Working on tills Doing the stores recovery Cleaning and maintaining the shop floor

Retail assistant
Oct ‘23 -
TK Maxx

— Serving customers at tills — Maintaining all organizational, cleanliness, and recovery standards for the sales floor and participating in the maintenance/cleanliness of the entire store — Doing store recovery — Stocking — Processing and preparing merchandise — Performing other duties as assigned — Participating in safety awareness and maintenance of a risk-free environment — merchandising — Handling refunds and returns — Handling customer complaints — Assisting customers

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
High street store
Department store
Shopping centre
Product Category
Watches & Jewelry
Beauty & Fragrances
Leather goods
Returns & Exchanges
Cash register
Online orders fulfilment
Product labelling
Store Maintenance
Open/closing store
Health & safety
Stockroom management
Somali - Fluent
English - Native